Muggshot is a massive anthropomorphic American bulldog. His arms are so large and long that he walks on them, instead of his legs. Being the stereotypical thug, he is very large and extremely strong, but rather dimwitted and foul-tempered, although has shown at times to possess rather abnormal intellectual additions to his vocabulary. (Including the dialogue between Sly and Muggshot in Sly Cooper And The Thievius Raccoonus, and again in Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves during the hangar fight between Murray and Muggshot and his guards, and when you use Carmelita to shoot him.)



As a young man, Muggshot was born the runt of the litter, the neighborhood weakling, and was always picked on by larger dogs. In his loneliness, his only friends were found on the big screen, where he found solace only in mobster movies, and came to admire the tough, brutal criminals and how they took no guff from anyone. It was in one of these movies, entitled "The Dogfather" (an obvious parody to The Godfather), that Muggshot saw his first gangster, and he knew instantly that this was what he wanted to be. Inspired, he spent the rest of his childhood working out, strove to be like his movie idols and inspired by his dreams of great power and respect, until he ended up a massive, muscle bound, hard-hitting, street brawling, tough as nails gangster with a taste for guns and skin too hard to be wounded by any conventional weapon, ensuring that he'd never be picked on or pushed around ever again. From there, he eventually took his revenge on his former victimizers and became a well-known enforcer and gunman, eventually being recruited by the evil Clockwerk.

Sly Cooper and the Thievius RaccoonusEdit

[1]Muggshot as he appears in Sly Cooper and the Thievius RaccoonusAdded by UltimateActionAfter joining the Fiendish Five as Chief Enforcer, Muggshot took part in the raid of the Cooper household that killed Sly Cooper's father. As the Fiendish Five took each page from the Thievius Raccoonus, Muggshot took the documentations of Tennessee Kid Cooper and notes on the Rail Walk and Rail Slide. Though he just liked the pretty pictures, but not really understanding all the big words. Muggshot eventually parted ways with Clockwerk, much later setting out to establish a gambling empire in the western United States. After driving out the vast majority of the residents of Mesa City, Utah, Muggshot proceeded to make his own additions, which included installing a great casino and a penthouse shaped like a fire hydrant.

Sly Cooper and the Cooper Gang broke into the facility, raiding Muggshot's various resources, Sly eventually breaking into Muggshot's penthouse lounge. Because of his massive size, Sly was unable to hurt him physically, Muggshot taking advantage of this and using his guns heavily. Sly was only able to hurt Muggshot by redirecting sunlight from various mirrors onto Muggshot's crystal garden, which in turn was magnified and fired at Muggshot, frying his guns. He retreated to another level of the crystal garden to get another spare of guns, but Sly followed him and defeated him once more. As Muggshot took refuge atop a mirror lined chandelier with a massive crystal in it, Sly redirected the mirrors onto the crystal a final time, frying the bulldog and forcing Muggshot to submit and give up the location of the next section of the Thievius Raccoonus. He was arrested by Carmelita soon after, but eventually escaped.


As the stereotypical thug, he is brutal, ruthless, vicious, and arrogant. But in place for his great strength, he is dimwitted, possessing a rather abnormal intellectual addition to his vocabulary. Despite his cruelty he is shown to have a scrap of honor as he refused to fight Bentley as "it wouldn't feel right pounding a four-eyed runt in a wheelchair." He often thought himself Impossible to Kill.


Muggshot is a massive bulldog with royal purple fur, large muscular arms, and small and seemingly degenerated legs. As he grew up, lifting weights and taking steroids, he became a huge, muscular beast of a dog. His arms are so huge and long, he walks on his knuckles like a gorilla, while his puny legs dangle, having no other use except standing and kicking at a close distance. He has a thick mustache and a uni-a-brow that is identical to his mustache.

In the first game, he wore a tank top. But in the third game, he dons an aviator outfit.


Muggshot is incredibly strong, given his size, and is easily capable of holding hangar doors open and thrashing Sly around. He is also very durable, able to take a direct beating from Murray and withstand the magnified light from his crystal gardens during his fight with Sly. He wields numerous machine guns and is highly capable in their use.

Role in the series

Muggshot currently appears in the Dave Felis series as a servant to Clockwerk and Kin Einmortal. Emperor Zurg is currently in league with Muggshot on orders from Kin Einmortal. Muggshot will reprise his role for the Spongebob expy of the film, where he and his fellow members of the Fiendish Five will team up with the Villain League to destroy Spongebob, the Shell Louge Squad, Spyro, Pooh and his Friends.

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