Narcotic the Bioterrorist

Tygo Heiny-Buttplots 'Wilcox', AKA Narcotic, is an Alternate UUniversal Clookatoo from Planet Gaxtoon. He is Darkness Qui's third-in-command, and supports the Villains Act with biological weaponry. He is a mad scientist who commited bioterrorism, and plagued 20 cities with different kinds of bacteria and viruses. Despite his brilliance, he does tend to be somewhat moronic, and the personally of a hillbilly.


in his early years, Narcotic was a beloved (more or less) shcool teacher obessed with biologitcy. dispite his awkword nature (more or less acts of stupidity) he was kinda brillient. however, an accsident that harmed several children had him fired. tainted by darkness because of feeling wronged by this, he planted a deadly virus in the Principal's house, and thus, it ended up spreading to the rest of the town. he was arrested for bioterrestsum, though his only intention was just a simple murder, but forgot to realise how powerful and quick spreading his own virus was.

eventally, in jail, he was rescued by Darkness Qui during the rise of the villains act, and though she was aware how occationly brainless he was, let him joined because of the talents he DOES have, and thus, gained a more or less tricky friendship with Celsius, the second in command. When he became a member of the Villains Act, he them commited more bioterrorist acts using many bacteria and viruses like Green Death, Phobovirus, Aminorrhea, Fluozzgra, Blue Pox, Bubble Spots, Nanovirus, Crimson influenza, and so on.

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