Neverland is the homeworld of Peter Pan, Tinker Bell (One of her world counterparts), the Lost Boys, Captain Hook, Mr. Smee, The Crocodile, The Pirates, Tinker Bell, The Mermaids, Vidia, the Indian Chief, Tiger Lily, the Indians, and less-commonly Jake and the Never-Land Pirates. This world is one of the many places that is magical because living there grants you immortality, and living there long enough makes it permanent. This is proven since Hook hasn't aged once, as well as the other people there. The Heartless there don pirate themes since pirates are mostly the main evil there. This world has a few strict rules about certain people there that have grown up. Some are never allowed there during adulthood, but well-trusted heroes and allies are allowed to enter. The place is accessible by either Gummi Ships or going to 'The Second Star on the Right'. This is basically a child's paradise as long as you enjoy the fictional and legendary. This place has a few landmarks including Mermaid Lagoon, a mermaid-populated lagoon which Pan usually visits, an Indian Camp where a tribe of Indians reside, Skull Rock, a skull-shaped rock which is barren and can be reached from Mermaid Lagoon, and Hangman's Tree, the hiding place of Peter Pan and the Lost Boys which they possibly had to relocate since Hook found it and blew it up. It was not specified where Peter Pan hides now.

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