New Orleans

New Orleans

New Orleans is a city in Louisiana and is a common place in almost every world. The most well-known New Orleans is in the Disney Universe which is the homeworld of Prince Naveen, Louis, Ray, Dr. Facilier, Mama Odie, Juju, The Frog Hunters, Charlotte, Eli, and Tiana the most-recently-crowned Princess of Heart (Which thankfully is of no use to Facilier or the Villain League since Facilier decided upon coming back from the Other Side that she wasn't worth it). There is also a New Orleans in the MGM Universe which is the homeworld of Charlie, Itchy, Killer, Anna Marie, and Carface. In the Disney New Orleans, most of it's residents are humans while animals, which the humans can actually understand only through magic, take control of the swamps. In the MGM New Orleans, animals can also talk and humans (through proven cases like the kids in the movies) can also understand them, especially dogs, which can often live in alleys or any other corner to avoid animal control.

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