Nightmare Shadow Fagin

Photo edited by MSM

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Firebird Suite by HeartlessSlayer
Nightmare Phoenix Fagin is supposedly the super form of Shadow Fagin, having been transformed into a greater dark force by the original Fagin using the powers of the Dream Eater Nightmares and a shard of the Firebird's soul. The result: Shadow Fagin with blazing scarlet eyes, flames on his wings and body, the red Nightmare symbol on his chest, and no longer needing sadness and depression to feed. What he needs now is the actual soul itself of any person to become stronger! it's possible he may have greater intelligence now, given his former form was mainly underdeveloped in smarts. Because he was made with the Firebird's soul, he posesses the same power as it. He is now made of 95% fire, just as jellyfish are 95% water. He can shapeshift, he can spit lava from his mouth, and can melt itself into lava, and burn anything he touches, and he even posesses the ability to create a nuclear explosion with big magmatic bombs similar to his fireballs. One blast from these magma bombs can blast someone to pieces, with blood and fire surrounding the place. This version of Shadow Fagin will literally melt the Lodge like chocolate. Nightmare Phoenix Fagin even has the ability to cause any nearby volcano to erupt, causing total annihilation. And he even has the power to manipulate any pyroclastic flow created by any volcano. He can even create a pyroclastic flow with a sweep of his scorched wing just like Thundra. Instead of razor-sharp feathers on his wings, he has something even more deadly. A fiery lightsaber. Like a real lightsaber, it can cut through even the strongest of metal. One strike with this firesaber, and you'll burn to a crisp. he is somewhat a clone of the Firebird, aside from looking like a firey seagull instead of an eagle or hawk. his firey form is convinently and clearly based on his fire manipulation. His only weakness...water. The only way he would be stopped is if he was completely surrounded by water, putting him out, and destroying him. But when he confronted the Shell Louge Squad in the World that Never Was, No-Face Fagin (Who was tricked by Icky and Gilda to consume Nightmare Phoenix Fagin due to the fact that he has more power then both Mirage and Cobra combind) began to devoure him causeing his fire powers to burn No-Face and free Fagin while the Ghostbusters, WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon defeated the two for good, tapping them in the Ghostbuster's ghost containment traps.

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