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No Face Fagin (Phase 1)

In Spirited Away, the original Fagin aids most of the Villain League's ghostly agents, including his "son" Shadow Fagin, in trying to take complete control over the Spirit World and release the forces of darkness that are trapped there. In order to further his scheme, Fagin at first allies with Yubaba, Ratcliffe, and Mr. Krabs, hoping to use their greed to summon greed-orientated heartless to overrun the bathhouse. However, he soon changes his mind when Chihiro/Sen ends up letting a No Face, a type of Dark Spawn spirit that feeds on strong emotions to live and grow stronger, into the bathhouse. Realizing that this creature could provide the perfect vessel for his plans, and to prove to his upgraded son that he too can obtain a super mode, Fagin possesses the creature with a large amount of greed emotions, then fuses with the creature after it absorbs the frog worker, hoping to trick the bathhouse workers into feeding him large amounts of food in exchange for false gold, just so that when they ran out, he would find the perfect excuse to start killing off the workers by consuming them one by one to absorb their hearts to make himself stronger. By the time Sen returned to fix her mistake, Fagin had nearly taken full possession of the No Face, hoping to collect her soul to make his transformation complete so that he could use the Noh Face's powers to unlock the seal of the Underworld and release all the dark forces from the Spirit World and make him their master so that he could use them all to overthrow Mirage and become the ultimate master of the Villain League. However, he didn't count on Sen feeding him the rest of the medicine dumpling, enraging the No Face part so much that Fagin was forced to combine his hatred with that of the monster's, fully transforming them into a mutated hybrid between a raven, a shadow blob, a demon, and a ghost. Fagin, in his fit of drunken madness, tried to kill Chihiro and the Shell Lougers once and for all, changing itself into a myriad of forms to try and stop our heroes's efforts to stop him from taking over the entire universe. But Thanks to a trick from Icky and Gilda when he caught up with them in The World that Never Was, No-Face Fagin almost devoured Fagin's fully evolved counterpart Nightmare Pheonix Fagin who angery burns No-face who failed to realize that his ultimate weakness was fire (Discriped by Genie and Fu-Dog). Then the Real Ghostbusters, having been summoned by Riku's shadow magic, managed to arrive in time, using their Proton Blasters and the help of WarGreymon's Terra Force and MetalGarurumon's Metal Wolfclaw to separate Fagin from No Face while still burning from Nightmare Pheonix Fagin's intense flames and then trapping No Face and Nightmare Pheonix Fagin within two seprate Ghost traps, leaving Fagin to be escorted to justice by the Tim Burton Wonderlandians while our heroes continue their mission to rescue Spyro in the World that Never Was.

Forms of No Face Fagin

  • Proto-Form: Basically No Face with frog legs, a fat body, and the voice of the frog worker.
  • Phase 1: A giant blob of black ooze with Fagin's head sticking out from it's head, the Noh mask twisted into an evil grin, and a dopey face on the top with two yellow eyes and the stomach mouth now its actual face mouth. Now includes Aniyaku's voice. Music: Night of Fate
  • Phase 2: A giant black salamander with Fagin's upper body sticking out of its forehead, the Heartless symbol on its chest, a mop of brown hair on its hair, two bat-like wings on its back for flight, and a constantly drooling mouth filled with sludge. Music: Tension Rising
  • Phase 3: A humanoid like creature with wing-like hands, two fused frog-like legs, the heartless symbol on its chest, the Noh mask shattered on the bottom with Fagin's beak sticking out and with an extra mouth popping out like the Xenomorphs like Alien, and two katanas jutting out of the wings. Music: The Deep End
  • Phase 4: A giant oozing cocoon with black tentacles, the Noh mask completely twisting into a cackling, black mask, and gold sludge dripping off of it. Music: Forze De Male
  • Phase 5: The final form - a monstrous human hybrid between Ansem SOD, Fagin, and Noh Face, wearing a cloak similar to the Phantom Heartless with several No-Face stomach mouths roaring for food, a rotund stomach filled with all the hearts of the victims he has consumed, and wielding a meancing dark staff for close combat. This form is the most hardest of all the forms Fagin takes while in control/under No Face's evil influence. Music: Dismiss

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