Axle The Electric Eel

Officer Axle Xane Watt

Officer Axle X. Watt is an electric eel who works for the UUPD (United Universal Police Department). While Axle was a great cop, he is often times stubborn, paranoid and mean. He even wants to do stuff on his own, and doesn't think things through. Since he is an electric eel, he can produce electrical charges of up to 600 volts, allowing him to catch a criminal without being touched. He and Skipper were known rivals since the four penguins had met him on one of their missions once. He makes his first appearance in SpongeBob and friends Meet The Thief and the Cobbler, where he arrests the Lodgers for disturbing the arrival of Zigzag, and he was eventually seemingly killed by crocodiles. But because he was an electric eel, he was naturally able to defend himself.


Axle was born in the Amazon River in South America as the son of 2 cops. However, when they both went missing after another cop mission, they were assumed to be dead. And as a result, Axle was put in an orphanage in the New York Aquarium. When Axle became 18, he discovered that his biological parents were police officers, and tried to get recruited into the newly-formed UUPD. Axle didn't need any training because he was adopted by a karate teacher mother, and a wrestler father. However, he didn't know how to use his electrical powers since he had just matured. But when he went on his first mission, he got angry after the criminals threatened one of his best friends. This triggered his electrical organs, and he was able to accurately use his electrical ability to defeat the criminals, and be rewarded the job as an official on-duty cop in the Dragon Realms.

Axle was a great cop in his day. But then came the day he heard about these psychotic New York zoo penguins who are rumored to be military vigilantes (The Penguins of Madagascar). He was put on the case to track them down and get information on them. And so, Axle went undercover taking the identity of a nerdy eel named Axe Walle. Skipper, as always, believed him to be a spy, and watched him in private, learning his true identity. Skipper then had his men put him under interrogation. While Axle did reveal his identity, he refused to reveal his intentions or his mission. He called for backup, and managed to escape while barely avoiding the eyes of Alice, which also almost exposed the Penguins' secret to her. Since then, Axle and Skipper have been known rivals.


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