Oopo and Din.

Oopo and din are two wizards of the enternal power/never die kind. To counter their eternal boredom they play games but not with each other. They search the universe for players, in this case Genie who wants to win desperately even if it’s just once. Big blue lost with cricket and baseball to Carpet and isn’t happy that he always loses to the rug or you could say Carpet always wins. Anyway Genie and Carpet are recruited by the duo. din gets Genie and Oopo gets the flying carpet.

When Aladdin and the rest of the gang call Genie their friends pleads to join them and the teams are formed. The wizards bring the teams to the frozen north where they bobsled down to the play area. The first game is, Catch the polar bear. The rules: each team gets a rope. The first team who catches the bear wins. After a dangerous struggle it’s a tie.The teams, Aladdin, Jasmine, Iago and Abu don’t want to play anymore but the wizards make it clear that players can’t leave the game or Agrabah will be burned down to the ground.

The game: climb to the mountain top. The rules: it is not allowed to fly to the top or use a climb rope. And it’s not allowed to help your opponent even if they’re about to fall to their death. Iago and Carpet where put in the breakers cage and when Genie climbed with a rope the Oopo cut off top. Things started to get nasty when Jasmine and Abu fell and where clinging on a ridge when Aladdin tried to help Oopo transported the hero away from his friends. Genie convinced din that if Jasmine and Abu die Oopo’s team had an advantage. din transported the princess and monkey down the mountain where they where save.

Team Aladdin was done with the wizards, they refused to play their dangerous games any longer. But the slightly mad duo had another, final game in mind. The mountain was replaced by two active volcanoes with on top Iago and Abu. The rules: the first team who makes to the top plug the hole and save their friend wins, the other loses. Aladdin and Carpet rush up the mountain with a plug. Seconds later Jasmine and Genie go up to save Abu. Jasmine is the first to arrive but just as she’s about to plug the volcano it explodes under her leaving her to fall down. As Aladdin and Carpet who reach Iago but they too fall down they land on the plug floating in a lava river.

Role in the series

Oopo and Din currently serve as members of the leage. Appearences though has yet to be desided.

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