Rarity went to check up on Coco Pummel, AKA Ms. Pummel by canon law but thankfully not by SAFAC law, along to see the up and coming fastion designers from the new MLP episode Honest Apple, only to discover from a distraughted Suri that Pummel's career and the new designers have been ruined of their careers. Pummel's designs, even the disco ball design, and the designs of Lilly Lace, Starstreak, and Inky Rose, have been unapologenticly criticised and ruined by a fastion critic infamous of sticking to his guns and never apologises. The critic is reknowned and infamously known as Hard Sell, the infamous cousin of Praiser Pan who aims to shape the fastion world in a way that avoids looking rediculious, unrealistic, impractical, or anything based on silly ideals, and he even avoids being fired by the Critic community like his cousin for mysterious reasons. Hard Sell's aim to make fashion in his ideal will only serve to rob ponies of their dreams. Thus, utterly disgusted by his actions because of her experience in the matter, especially since he is related to a disgrace to critics that nearly ruined Fluttershy, can Applejack, Rarity, and Spongebob, Squidward, Patrick, Sandy, Icky, Iago, Fidget, Trixie and Gilda (In being the only Lodgers available at the moment due to a Locust Swarm breaking out in Kratos) be able to resolve this, and discover that Hard Sell, because he was nearly fired, is only mind-controlling the critic union to keep his job?




Coming soon...

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