The Outland Pride (also known as Outlanders and Outsiders) were an offshoot of the Pridelanders; A pride of lionesses (as well as two known male lions, Kovu and Nuka) that still followed Scar's wishes. Because of this, Simba banished them to The Outlands, a near-waterless wasteland neighboring the Pridelands.


The leader of the Outsiders is Zira, who is the mother of Kovu, Nuka, Vitani, and the follower of Scar. In the end, all the Outsiders (with the exception of Zira, who dies after the battle against the Pridelanders, and Nuka, who dies during an ambush on Simba) join Simba's pride. They could be referred to as "Scar's pride" or "Zira's pride".

As almost all of the Outlanders are shown to be female, Kovu and Nuka are the only two males seen in the pride. According to Zira, Kovu was the lastborn before they were exiled. Presumably, no other cubs were born in the outlands after Kovu.


Outlanders are just the opposite of Pridelanders; They live for conflict, more specifically conflict with Simba's Pride. They are a determined and uncouth breed, not minding walking through mud just to get to their target. When Simba offers them a chance to go home, they refuse and attack.

However, they aren't mindlessly violent. When offered a chance to enter the pridelands peacefully they eager accept, even submitting to Simba, once their sworn enemy.

Types of LionessesEdit

Zira-esque LionessesEdit

Though most outlanders assume duller colored pelts to make Zira and the mo [1]Zira-esque lionesses.Added by Suereberewre important outsiders Stand out, they do share physical similarities with her, or at least the most basic ones. Like Zira, some have pointed chins. These lionesses are sharper and appear far more menacing than the other lionesses.

These lioness watch Zira endearingly as she talks about her dream during the musical number "My Lullaby" and a the most dominant type of outlander during the war.

Vitani-esque LionessesEdit

Alongside the Zira-like lionesses are the Vi [2]Vitani and the Vitani-esque lionesses.Added by Suereberewtani-esue ones. Mainly absent throughout the film, some of these lionesses are colored lighter than Vitani herself, however, like Zira they are also darker.

They can be seen during Nuka's death and as Kovu recieves his Scar. They are last seen when Zira rallies her pride and prepares them to fight against Simba's Pride.

Nuka-esque LionessesEdit


Despite the fact that Nuka is [3]A Nuka-esque lionessAdded by Suereberewa male and all the lionesses are female there are some that share his features. Most outlanders share Nuka's greyish coloration, but lack the tint of red he has, or his wide, flat nose bridge. Their eyeshades have his unique shape, and sometimes shares his color. Like Nuka, their faces are long, but are not sharp like Zira's and they look far more emaciated than the other lionesses do.

These lionesses appear once the war between Outlander and Pridelander is stopped, during the pursuit of Simba, and the scarring of Kovu.


There are Outlanders that resemble the Pridelanders f [4]The Pridelander-Outlanders.Added by Suereberewar more than the Vitani or Zira-esque lionesses. They appear in the war, a few of them getting a rare detailed few seconds of screen-time when they chase and corner Timon and Pumbaa. Though they resemble the Outlanders in color, they have the filled out, heavy build of a Sarabi-esque lioness.

"Unique" OutsidersEdit

Below are a list of lionesses named by fans for their unqiue designs, despite being unimportant "extra" characters. They have no official names.



Digger is the very first Unique lioness seen onscreen. She shares similar coloratio [5]"Digger"Added by Suereberewn with Vitani, and is seen in the Outlands, a good distance away from the Pride digging for something. Because of this action, fans have dubbed her "Digger".


Dotty makes a very breif appearance towa [6]"Dotty"Added by Suereberewrds the middle of the film. During Simba and Kovu's walk is where she is seen, more specifically when Zira appears and surrounds the two. She snarls at Simba while her Pride sister Dotty snarls at Kovu. She is the first lioness seen with the unique marks underneath her eyes and seems to appear multiple times throughout the film, though this could just be other lionesses with the mark.


Spotty also m [7]"Spotty"akes a breif appearance towards the middle of the film. She too is present during the ambush on Simba and stands on Simba's side, ready to attack. Unlike Spotty, Dotty has a smooth head instead of a scruffy one, pridelander nose instead of an outlander nose, and most notibly her eye dots on the opposite eyes.

Beauty SpotEdit


Beauty Spot ma [8]"Beauty Spot"Added by Suereberewkes a very breif appearance towards the end of the film.

After Zira falls into the broken dam's current and is swept away to her doom, Simba accepts her into the pride along with her pridesisters. Her name originates from the small mark she has near her chin, a "Beauty Spot".


Scruffy is a lioness that appears [9]"Scruffy"Added by Suereberewduring the war. Right before Zira yells "It's over Simba!". She has dark fur, red eyes, and a very scruffy patch of fur on the back of her neck, which inspired fans to give her the name "Scruffy".

Lazy Eye/SquintyEdit

[10]"Lazy Eye/Squinty"Added by SuereberewLazy eye is a lioness who appears during the war. When snarling her "eye" isn't a visible but any other expression make it extremely visible. She is a more of a Vitani-esque lioness and one of her eyes is always have closed.

Many lazy eyed lionesses appear throughout the film, however this particular lioness is the first one to have a "lazy eye".


Chippy is one of the aforementioned Pridelander-Outlanders that corner and surrou [11]"Chippy"Added by Suereberewnd Timon and Pumbaa. She doesn't seem to be in the scene at first, but when Timon threatens to blast the with Pumbaa's gas, what makes her unique is instantly visible when they all scream.

Perhaps she lost it in a battle, or before even that, but either way, one of her canines are chipped.

[12]ScratchAdded by Maskedowl2===ScratchEdit=== Scratch is one of the outlanders who makes a brief appearance. She is part of the ambush and is seen attacking Simba. Scratch recieves her name from the small scratch on her nose ridge. She doesn't appear after that.


Common TraitsEdit

  • Eye Dots are a fairly common trait amogst Outlanders. They appear and dissapear on many of the lionesses quite frequently, so it's hard to tell how many actually have them.
  • Red Eyes are a common trait, just like the Pridelanders. This is probably because the Outlanders are an offshoot of the Pridelanders, though it is worth noting that unlike them, the color orange never appears.
  • Outlander traits like angular noses, extended claws, dark eyeshades, and elbow tufts(amongst males) are obviously common amongst the lionesses. They are more diverse than the lioness of the Pridelands.
  • Pink Noses
  • Black Noses
  • Pridelander Noses

[13]Nuka's Bright Red eyes.Added by Suereberew===Lesser TraitsEdit===

  • Freckles are a rare trait observed in only Vitani, Nuka, and one other lioness
  • 'Blue eyes or any other eye color besides red for that matter.'[14]Outlander with colorless paws
  • Bright Eyes have only been observed in Nuka. His have an apparent glow when he's around his pride, who are all dull-eyed.
  • Head Tufts have only been observed in Vitani and two other lioness
  • Ear rims have only been seen on Vitani
  • Ear Strips have only been seen on Zira.
  • Dorsal Stripes have only been seen in Zira.
  • Cheek tufts have only been observed on Nuka.
  • Colorless Paws have been seen on one and only one outsider, present during the war.

Role in the series

The Outsiders reprise their roles from the Lion King 2, as they now serve as members of King Kovu's court now that Simba has retired his kingly duties to go out adventuring into the worlds.

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