Dudem F. Demen, dubbed Patcher, was an Alternate UUniversal Duelk from Planet Kinari Prime, who tend moved to Jklaman. He was an alien serial killer and leader of a gang of anti-Phend murderers that were all wronged by Terror Month. Patcher was the worst victim, losing his family to the event as a baby to the point where he has a ridiculously vague backstory. He and his gang brutally murdered several Phends as Patcher used racist insults, torturous tactics, and downright transgressive acts against them, seeing violence as strength and something that should be repaid with more violence, and sees an eye for an eye against them, and believes in this to the point of being blind to reality and how ironic he became more a monster then the race he thinks are such. He was eventually killed when he murdered the parents of Cynmona the Unconventional who was rescued by Count So Cal Justice whose aged pet Troggle Xycser violently wounded him to fatal degrees while his gang would be sent to Oranos.


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