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Councilman Rishon has made an appearence to the Dragon Guardian Temple requesting the aide of Gazelle and ONLY her aide spefificly since this is something he felt only she can truely understand. And apawn leaving, Rishon delivers quite a bomb-shell about a race more controverseal then even any other such infamous race in existence. The Phends. A Teadr 2 reptilian cobra-raptor-like race that is native to the Planet Phender, until it was destroyed by an astro-laser attack. They are beings that have quite a controversy and are widely feared, second only to widely infamous world harvesters, because they are the main race known for committing terrorism throughout the AUU. The reason for such is that they believe that anyone who doesn't respect their ways of which they must convert to their ways as it could prevent all the cruelty of theuniverses of which they do, dubbed unenlightened, are to be sentenced to death immediately, as well as having cruel maiming, raping, low amounts of moral laws, and downright anything that offends them is under penalty of death. Their laws are absolutely intolerable to people outside their home including their law that all females must be controlled, they are highly intolerable of treason or prejudice, the leaders and royalty are highly vicious and mean, and anyone who doesn't agree with them and even calls them out for what they believe is the righteous ways would be put to death, particularly by stoning. Their abuse against other-worldly beings, especially through the terrorist faction known as Qoklara Musa So, which the name is in Phendian, roughly translating to "We Rightious Few", have resulted in a civil war that resulted in their adopted home planet of Iiblia to be scorched and uninhabitable, just like how it caused their home planet to be destroyed. But even though they still commit terrorism and the governments of outside worlds only give them anything to make peace, they are simply unwilling to accept them because they are 'unelightened'. However, there is a major misconception as the only ones responsible for making such laws is many Phends in the government are working for the Qoklara and are supported and accepted by their leader, the ironicly named Zarmonian The Pure. Their actions have resulted in many people being absolutely prejudicial and racist against this race, calling them 'rotten' as they are accused of cruelty by cutting off limbs, killing for no reason, being highly-offensive and offended, believing themselves to be better than everyone else as they only say that their normally-illegal acts are the right way as their gods say so, and even blasphemy by calling their gods wrong is punishable by death. They are heavily criticized, mistreated, and loathed by people outside their home, especially by people who were victims to them and their terrorist acts. But the truth is that they were made this way because a "god" who was actselly at best a very artifccually powerful being from long ago. Now apart from useing their large reptilian brain regions making them too aggressive, this "God" was otherwise benvolent to them and had promised them to assend to Teadr 1 in return to follow certain beliefs which no doubt would end up tainting the race, and when the artifical god, Mazor the Lord, and his assistants won them over, outside forces executed them for the crime of false godhood. Unfortunately, these outside forces failed to show proper evidence of Mazor being a false god thanks to a clumsy doof losing them back in their base planet. As a result, to the Phends, the outsiders commited the ultamate blasformy and murdered their beloved god under false pretenses with no justification to back it up! it caused them to be executed by the Phends under their second leader, Vollus The Revengeful, for blasphemy, as the "gods" have left too much of an impact for them to be changed, and after Vollus declares that all outsiders are god killers, along with his now infamous phrase, 'If you meet the unenlightened, kill the unenlightened', they have been that way ever since, causing over 670 terrorist acts throughout the ages, the worst of them being Terror Month, a month-long period where several suicide bombers hijacked hundreds of spaceships filled with volatile bombs and fuel crashed and blew up several important national monuments, devastating and offending many people until the Qoklara's leader, Kronosas The Vengence Reaper, was cast off into a gas giant with the passengers standing against him in response and retaliation for a heavily-wronged military officer's racist call-out against their harmful actions which resulted in their home planets' destructions, and offending them in every form imaginable. With Terror Month over, the person who believed that he was calling them out when nobody else would and resulted in them getting more offended and against the AUU government, was sentenced to death. Though the effects made the Phends more feared than ever, as nobody, not even them, knew of how they started out as a race out to convert the AUU into their 'rightful enlightened' ways. Though not all Phends are evil or at the least not so easily blinded by their beliefs, the effects left by Qoklara made even the non-evil ones victims of being feared, hated, mistreated, shunned, and outright loathed, leading to the risk of them going into Qoklara, as they have soon became victims of confused trust, as even they don't know if they are trustworthy or not, having constant crises of who they are, to where they can get depressed, mentally-repressed, introverted, lost, and unsure of themselves. Even though the Phends have the most controverseal reputation ever, that doesn't mean there's a shortage of sympathisers, reckindising that this all happen because of an improper way to exposed a fake deity and taking the bad ones too seriously when they only represent themselves and not the race as a whole, even dispite claims of such, and all this hate is because the bad ones speak louder then the good ones. And the biggest sympathiser is noneother then Councilman Rishon, which isn't that surprising since he is an advocate of better racial relations. He considers healing the relations between the Phends and pretty much everyone else one of his biggest priorites, and though the other main council leaders support him, they held him back in being afraid of controversey. Gazelle being tugged at her heartstrings, agrees to help resolve this. Fortunately, Rishon reveiled that not every system was attacked in terror month, only a certain number that gave the Phends the most problems and/or supported the problem makers. Some systems stood out of it out of not wanting conflict from either side or simply because it's not in their nature to get involved. Such systems included The Xora System, home of the sofisicated Xorabeaks. Systems like Xora are considered sacutauries to escape from both angry outsiders AND their own people by any non-radicalised Phends. Though the Phends do get shit from outsiders visiting the system, but well-enforced laws prevent any serious damage from a occuring and any would-be offender gets apply punished to a huge degree. Eventually, Gazelle and Rishon reached the residence of a noble-men count of strong values to racial relations embetterment, Count So Cal Justice, and his adopted Phend daughter whom he and his loyal aged Troggle Xycser, saved from discriminative thugs attacking her after they murdered her parents. Her normalised name is Cynitha, but her traditional Phend name was Cynmona The Uncontentional, because she is the only Phend more then another angry zealot. She's strong willed and free-spirited, very unlike the average Phend female, a real fighter, but abit humorious and snarky even in the worse of times. Rishon tells Cynmona that she is needed to finally bring forth due peace between the Phends and pretty much the rest of the Universes. Cynmona, at first relucent, agrees in the name to prevent more situations like what happened to her parents from happening again. Thing is, the Phend adpted planet is under a new issue with a millaterry occupantion by the Phend's big multi-fanged hippo enemies, The Fangpodamus race, and the main causers of the "gods" death. A commander leader of the Millaterry Operation, Commander Bi'gmouth Fa Tass, the desendent of the leader of the troup who killed the Phend's gods, intends to avenge his ansistery of both the first, and his other relitive who was the one who halted Terror Month and was "wrongly" punished by "A Political Correctness Tainted Grand Council" because that relitive only served to further aggrevate the Phends. Fa Tass proves to be a dishonorable commander as he orders the admidieate arrest of Gazelle, Rishon, and Cynmona. With the Lougers too caught up with the HA to deal with the Qoklara who threaten to ruin Rishon's plans to ever amend the damaged relations, Gazelle and Cynmona have to get Rishon out of the grip of a clearly rotten commander and work togather to bring back the only one who can fix the Phends: The Dead "God" Mozar himself, who turned out to be a speically made Omnicon and can be brought back with his original memory in tact witha speical sacred key that convinently looks like it can work with the Uniter Blade in reviving him. But can Mozar's revival fix everything, and put the Qoklara and Fa Tass in their place for good?






The Phend Origin and Tragedy

  • (Voice): "A long time ago, there was once a small inconisquenceal desert planet by the name Phender. It was once a simple planet with simple creatures, and simple natives, named the Phends."
  • Cobra-Raptor creatures were seen having a thriving traditionalist community.
  • (Voice): "They were humble folk, though not without extreme practices. But let's be honest, no race of their current stature are without such things. Life was grand and simple for them, until one day, a holy miricle happen."
  • A Beam of Light came from the sky as all of the Phends see this and came to the center, as the Light reveiled itself to be a speicalised Omnican and several normal ones in monk robes coming before the creatures.
  • Omnican: "....... Natives of Phender. I came to thy to offer my services, to guide you all and nurture you to rise to become a great race."
  • The Phends were confused as one that looks like a leader came forth.
  • Phend leader: "What, what do you mean, great metal being?"
  • Omnican: "I have come to take your race far from the current Teadr levels that you are in, and assend you to Teadr 1 greatness. As a Teadr 1 race, you can atthive the impossable and the in-imaginable. Wildest dreams become reality. You can live in a world without suffering, hunger, sickness, war, and live in an unabridled age of happiness and prosperity."
  • The Phends began liking the idea!
  • Phend Leader: "Then please, lead us, oh great god! Take us to that path of salvation!"
  • (Voice): "And the god did. He and his followers lead the Phends on the path to become Teadr 1. It was a long journey, but it was worth it to the Phends. The Phends still kept their traditions along way, but the god, Mazor the Lord as he has been named, did plan to fix that. He was a benvolent force. However, his one flaw is that he was augumenting the Phends to become more aggresive then they can naterally get. This is because, as you can tell, the metal god Mazor is really a speicalised Omnican made by a known critic to a rule against exselerating a race's tec evolution wanting to prove the rule wrong, and he would've gotten away with it...... Had it not been for the race that would ruin everything."
  • Another planet was seen, only unlike the beautiful desert planet, it was an ugly warzoned mess!
  • (Voice): "Fangarus. The broken and decrepted home, of the Fangpodamus."
  • Violent, Hidious, and Monsterious Multi-fanged Hippos are seen are seening having wars with eachother.
  • (Voice): "In the aftermath of a cold and horrorable civil war, it came under a relentless, perfection hungry millaterry regime that lives under the philosify known as "The Way of the Fang", a philosify that has many reaches, but the one part of the philosify that'll ruin everything, is that gods living among mortals must not be fake. And as you can imagine, Mazor was in danger. A danger that even with his great powers, could not escape. On the day of Mazor's big announcement.... It happened."
  • Mazor: "-And once we atthive Teadr 1, we will become the greatest inspiration for all of the universes. We-"
  • Lazers began to shoot down a surprised and helpless Mazor as the Phends panic and scream!
  • A Fangpo squad was seen being the shorce of the firing!
  • The firing stop, and then Mazor fell down! The other Omnicans tried to help him, but they were promptly shot down as well!
  • The Phends looked in horror of the atrosity before them.
  • The last Omnican falls as the firing stop.
  • Phend Leader: "....... What...... What...... What have you done? You...... YOU KILLED OUR GODS?!"
  • Fangpo squad leader: "We did you pitiful natives a faver! Mazor and his goons were false gods?!"
  • The Phends gasped offended!
  • Fangpo squad leader: "Don't believe us? Private, bring out the evidence."
  • Low Ranked Fangpo with a buck-tooth: "Yes sir! (Looks in his bookbag).... Oops. I think I left it in my other bookbag."
  • Fangpo Squad Leader: "(Makes a surprised face as a breaking of a gitair string was heard)...... And, where, is your other bookbag?"
  • Low-Ranker Fangpo: "Oh, silly me, I must've left it back on our homeplanet. Ha-Yuck! Pretty silly, right?"
  • The Squad members but the stupid one looked in fear of the enraged Phends.
  • Fangpo Squad Leader: "Uh, look, how about the fact that we killed them at all? Surely THAT should suggest that they're false gods?!"
  • Phend Leader: "No god among mortals is TRUELY invulerable?! You filthy outsider scurge?! Mazor the Lord was gonna assend us to Teadr 1?!"
  • Fangpo Squad Leader: "Hey, calm down! We did you guys a favor?! He was making you aggressive?!"
  • Fangpo Squad Leader: "You, You mean that was only a security measure?!..... Ohhhhh. My superiors, assumed he was turning you all into an army."
  • Fangpo Squad Leader: "Okay, I think it's obvious that we REALLY need to get going! It was nice meeting you, and-"
  • The Phends cornered the Squad.
  • The Phends pounced on the screaming Fangpo Squad!
  • (Voice): "It did not end well for the squad of assassins who killed the Phend's beloved gods. The reckless god killers were tortured to death, with the leader exicuted for masterminding it. And it only gets worse from there."

Rishon's Request

  • Icky and Iago were playing Injustice 2.
  • Iago: "No fair, you always pick the Level 300 Batman against the level 200 Robin!"
  • Icky: "What can I say? Bats' is my go to character for these games."
  • Iago: "Ya know, ever since the Alternate Timeline mess, you have been VERY interested with Injsutice alot recently."
  • Icky: "Well since we were promptly introduse in being able to see alternate timelines with that Butterfly throey thing going on in a simular fastion, it makes ya wonder. The conspect is, cool, ya know? What life would've been like if we made alternate choices. It's both a cool and terrorifying idea. I mean, this game makes me GLAD we have a Superman that's such a boy scout and that the Joker's extreme attempt to wreck Metroplois' shit was a total bust. And I'm glad we have kept and maintain a Gazelle that is such a politically correct social justice paragon! Otherwise, (shudder).... I still don't want to talk about that exspearience."
  • Iago: "Me neither. But still, I wouldn't mind jumping timelines again. Let's, just stay clear of the really NASTY ones, huh?"
  • Icky: "Agreed."
  • Lord Shen barged in!
  • Lord Shen: "ATTENTION IDIOTS?! A member of the Grand Council of the Alternate Universes is coming here today!?"
  • Icky: "Whoa, a direct confrontion from the Grand Council? I bet it's impourent as all hell!"
  • Lord Shen: "You bet your tail feathers it must be impourent?! Now get your gaming butts in gear?!"
  • Icky and Iago do such!


  • The Lougers are front and center to see the Dynasty ship coming in and landed.
  • Gazelle: "Who do you think the particular member will be?"
  • Icky: "Well I hope it's not that asshole Jling Sling. If otherwise, then no freaking shit he would want us to punish a critic of his or something. Then all we have to do to tell him that we are for something more serious then a naysayer, the crybaby will rant about it and leave grumbling."
  • Spongebob: "Well maybe it's Warson with a personal request from the Legion to resolve another personal issue."
  • Sandy: "Well maybe it's Jarvis who needs us to deal with another lousy lawman or law offitcal. Sometimes that universe has the lawmen actselly be WORSE then the outlaws! That's a serious problem in my book!"
  • Trixie: "Well I bet it's that Indigo guy who has to deal with another impourent ambassitor mission and he wants us around for arbertary reasons."
  • Gilda: "Maybe it's Bayo and she has a problem with a bad trade deal she can't fix alone."
  • Iago: "I'm betting ya, it's Lotus wanting to ask us to go after anoter extremeist smooe again."
  • Bagheera: "It could be Calixto with word that the HA are in a seriously bad devided arguement."
  • Bubbha: "Well I bet it's the parrot with the funny name who wants us to stop some profiteer from giving natives too advanced gizmos."
  • Icky: "It's Naaem, but, yeah, I could see that."
  • Thunderclap: "Well maybe it's the nice Taleen lady who has trouble with whatever he laws had gave ilk too!"
  • Trixie: "Well considering she made enemies with big outmoded engery industries and known racists as prime exsamples, it could be anything."
  • Squidward: "Well I bet it's Galeno with a problem from someone worse then Mr. Krabs."
  • Mr. Krabs: "HEY?! I'M NOT THAT BAD?!"
  • Shenzi: "Well it could also be Chase's dad, who I could only imagine what that could lead."
  • Gazelle: "All sound possable. Otherwise, the only other councilman of consideration would have to be-"
  • Trumpents are heard as regel looking council announcers are seen.
  • Council Announcer: "Announcing, the arrival of the Grand Counciler of Racial Relations, Councilman Rishon!"
  • Gazelle: "That's exactly what I'm gonna guess!"
  • Lord Shen: "Well no ddoubt the upstanding fellow wants us to resolve another racial issue. I look forword to put racist scum in their place."
  • Icky: "Aww yeah! The Xenophobe busters that are Icky and Iago rise again!"
  • Councilman Rishon arrives from the ship.
  • Rishon: "It's nice to get to know you heroes abit more personally. I have admired the many times you have encouraged better relations in not just races, but conflicting ideals."
  • Sam: "Ahh, don't thank us."
  • Max: "Just doing our duty."
  • Rishon: "But my props must go to miss Gazelle more. You proved the conception about Weeviods to be a misconception, united a devided Keuca while stopping a renigade well-intentioned equilist group, defeated a dark Magilo force that was behind a complincated issue in Mieber, you aided in the downfall of the Extinctioners, stopped an inaccreate ethics group from being worse, you saved a tribe planet from a xenophobic philosify, and how the issue in Spova is resolved, speaks for itself. And those are just your biggest highlights. Which personally, are among my most faverite. Your enfluence in and out of our "alternate" universe communites, speaks volumes on how your a good enfluence on better relations between diversed spieces. All the more reason why I request your aide in the matter."
  • Gazelle: "Well, sure, I'll be happy to lend a hand again."
  • Icky: "And the professional Xenophobe busters are right behind the-"
  • Rishon: "Please. You misunderstand. I earnestly only request for Gazelle's aide, because, out of all of you who I do agree have an equil enfluence, Gazelle is one who understands race issues better. No offence, but, some of you seem prone to automaticly side with any pre-consheeved notions without better understanding the issue right away. Besides, the HA will arrive and will require your aide for a simular but, more serious matters. Let's just say, the particular racial relations mission I seek, is something of a big personal goal of mine, and it is best taken by someone who shares my beliefs."
  • Skipper: "Fair enough. Some of us are too conservitive or moderate to not always see thins like you do. Fair enough."
  • Lord Shen: "An unusal request, but if you felt that Gazelle is the one who best understands you, then we'll allow it."
  • Rishon: "Thank you Lougers. I really needed to hear support after awhile now. My other fellow Main Councilers do support my personal mission, but the understandable fear of controversey of this, particular issue, makes them.... Understandingly cautious of wanting to even only touch the subject. If you thought relations with the Weevoids and all of Keuca were bad, and if you thought the Bakudan tribes, the Extinctioners, and those two certain groups who shall remain nameless from the Xerus and the Aie Pro Aition/Tibella systems were unpleasent exsamples of xenophobia at it's worse, then.... You have not visited our universes enough to see a TRUE exsample of such unpleasentness."
  • Gilda: "Well if you think Gazelle's your best shot, then we ain't gonna be in the way."
  • Rishon leads Gazelle to the Dynasty ship and board it, as it proceeds to leave.
  • Icky: "I have a gut feeling that some part of me is saying that this is gonna be the biggest race issue yet."

Cynmona's Tragedy

  • (So Cal): "It all started on an average Saterday as I was walking Xycser down the bullivard. When I noticed, an unsavery disturbence."
  • So Cal was doing such as he noticed puddles of blood leading down the ally as So Cal looked concerned!
  • It was seen that there were two Phends lying dead on the ground, while outsider thugs cornered a little young one, who was clearly crying!
  • Thug 1: "Get ready to suffer like your rotten parents, Phend!?"
  • Thug 2: "Yer going down, you little extremest shit-nugget?!"
  • Thug 3: "I'm gonna wear your toes as a necklace?!"
  • Thug Leader: "You idiots do what you want?! But I wanna kill the Phend brat myself!"
  • Little Girl Phend: "Why? Why are you doing this? My parents and I did nothing to you."
  • Thug Leader: "BUT YOUR EVIL RACE SCREWED OVER MANY PEOPLE?! So that's a PERFECTLY logical reason to slaughter an unarmed family?!"
  • Thug 4: "Uh, actselly boss, when you put it like that, that makes us look like monsters!"
  • Thug Leader: "MY POINT IS?! We can get away with it, as long as it's stinking Phends! They're worse then second class citizens?! They're lower then our stools?! They're lower then dirt?! Beyond that?! They're lower then shit?! And why? BECAUSE THEY'RE PHENDS?! Even Zargons would look like saints, compaired to them?! They make Bullarns look approuchable?! Even Bruud are cuddlier then them?! Even Iallog, the terrorest factory of a planet, doesn't have an extreme group as infamous as the Qok, the Qoo-qoo, the Qaa-Qaa, the, uh...."
  • Thug 5: "It's the Qoklara Musa So, boss. It' translates to "We Rightious Few" in stupid Phend talk."
  • Thug Leader: "What he said?! And I had parents that died to those basturds?! So it's only fair that I get even?!"
  • The Thugs laughed as they cornered the crying child.
  • ???: "Halt, you sorry heatens?!"
  • The Thugs turned to see the Count with his growling Troggle.
  • So Cal: "...... You outsiders done an unredeemabe thing. And even my pet thinks so as well."
  • Xycser growled angerly and fearssomely?!
  • Thug Leader: "Oh, I'm sorry, I forget that the Xora system are Phend cuddlers?! Your own faults that you joined the systems that became "sactuaries" to offer these defects a home?! All that does it making it easier for people like me to get our justice."
  • So Cal: "It matters very little of what the race is! Murder, is murder. And since you did it in a system that sympasises with Phend refugees, espeically desistated families that only seek selther and new life, you gentlemen are looking at an uncertain future."
  • Thug Leader: "Oh yeah? And who's gonna stop us? You?"
  • So Cal: "I am strictly pasifist...... Xycser, however..... Doesn't mind putting you ANIMALS, in your place?! Xycser, fetch?!"
  • So Cal releases Xycser who charges and barks wildly, causing the thugs to freak out!
  • The Thug Leader gets attacked as his goons ran off, only to be caught by responding Cop Bots!
  • The Thug Leader was ripped up very badly by a blood-soaked Xycser, who returns to So Cal.
  • So Cal: "Good boy, Xycser. (To a cop bot) You may want to ready an extra body bag besides the Phend couple. I'm sure this filthy thug can't survive his injuries. Be sure to inform his possable kin that their black sheep exists no more if it comes to pass."
  • Bot Cop: "Understandable, Count Justice."
  • The Bot Cops dragged the thugs away, as So Cal approuches the whimpering Phend child.
  • Phend child: "Please?! Don't, don't hurt me?!"
  • Xycser whimpered as So Cal lowered down.
  • So Cal: "Don't worry, young one..... Your among a friend. I promise you..... You will be safe with me and my loyal pet. Brutes like them will never harm you ever again."
  • The Phend Child: "But..... My mommy and daddy."
  • So Cal: ".... (Sighs sadly)..... I'm sorry child...... They, didn't survive their wounds. Those Phend Slayer Thugs are, too good at their unsavery craft. I'm sorry."
  • The Phend child began to cry, and hugged So Cal, who remorsefully returns the embrace, as Xycser whimperingly coils around to give the embrace.
  • So Cal: ".... Come child.... It's best we leave. I'll send in adoption papers and deal with the courts to make it offictal."
  • So Cal leads the Phend child out. She gives one last tearful look to her unseen parents' bodies as the Cop Bots were already putting them in body bags.
  • So Cal: "..... What is your name, child? It's for the legal process."
  • Phend Child: "...... My Phend name is Cynmona the Uncontentional. But, I, like to call myself Cynthia sometimes."
  • So Cal: "..... Don't worry, Cyntiha..... I'll make sure you'll get a far happier life the the truma you witnessed."
  • So Cal was leaving with Cynmona as some sniffles and sobs are heard still as more Cop Bots along side an amblence service arriving.
  • (So Cal): "Xycser did an accerate enough job to make sure the leader of the Phend slayers did not survive his injuries, and his cronies have since been put on death row, with the forth less willing one pardoned in agreement to testify against his former fellow men. The Phend couple were given a beautiful traditional Phend funeral by her other families, who accepted me as an honorary member of their respective clans for saving Cynthia. And don't me, my diplomatic ammunity will protect me from any vengeful black sheeps of those thugs respective families from any legal lawsuits. Not even the Grand Council would be able to harm me if they would dare be dragged into such things. Either way, I made good on my promise in making sure Cynthia grows up a happy and joyful life away from her tragity."

Meeting Fa Tass

  • The Dynasty ship arrived in the Mohltov-Ziystov System.
  • GC Soldier: "We arrived in the system sir. I hope that space messiah is good enough for this, because it doesn't matter who you ran into here. This system is dangerious either way."
  • Rishon: "I assure you, I wouldn't risk everyone's lives on this ship, let alone the entire Dynasty, if I didn't have good faith in her abilities."
  • GC Soldier: "Understood sir. (Leaves.)"
  • Cynmona was seen looking up her people's culture with Gazelle.
  • Cynmona: "..... I guess I can kinda see why everyone's so touchy about my kind, but, how is this any different from when other races practiced simular, if not worse methods. I once read that Aufones once believed in a religen where anyone with a skull-shaped skin condiction is an end times bringer that must be automaticly destroyed, no questions ask. The Serons believed in communisum. And the less that is said about the Yateron's relation with the Ehswins, the better."
  • Gazelle: "Exactly my point. No one mortal race is automaticly purer and without unpleasentries then the other. Many people can't judge them because they held on to albeit, unpleasent beliefs. While I agree that the terror group needs to be removed, I would only like to go as far to encourage the Phends to have a friendlier outlook on the rest of the universes. It is not my place, even as a Uniter, to ask them to behaive like outsider communites. But I can change persectives and I can change minds on how they view an alienating culture. But to do that, we have to get the Phends to denounce support to the Qoklara and no longer let them be their representivies."
  • Cynmona: "I agree. The sooner my people denounce those madmen like such, the better other outsiders see a long conceiled good and grow out of their personal woes. But what about those that can't?"
  • Gazelle: "Then I hope they don't mind being social pariahs, because no one would ever take them seriously for letting the past control them. Espeically so to the likes of those abominable Phend slayers."
  • Rishon: "Oh I assure you. Once I am done with this mission, I'll see to it that I'll place a bounty on the head of any Phend Slayer in theses Universes. And don't worry about systems and even entire universes still being upset about what happened. I will make sure, with Grand Council support and law, the universes will grow out of letting awful tragities cloud their mind and only blame the individuals, not the race they came from, and we'll make sure that no political leader shall continue to damn the race for any reason. You have my word that this age of hate on the Phends will end on this historic day."
  • The Dynasty flies torwords Phendus.
  • GC Soldier: "We'll be arriving to Phendus soon. So we prepare a defense force?"
  • Rishon: "No need. The Qoklara are away on a mission that no doubtingly the Lougers and the HA will be asked to quell."
  • GC Soldier: "Even if this mission could involve complicating your mission?"
  • Rishon: "Well luckly, the Qoklara don't believe in being direct. They would like instead to go after key points in our universes and make it bad enough that it would be difficult for me to see my ambitions through. Or, even getting me impeached for only doing my job. But I'm not worried. The Lougers and the HA made extremeists failed their qouta before, the Qoklara will be no different. Our concern is to make sure the Phends are encouraged to not go out of their way to replace them. Otherwise, if we just have the group remove, and with the Phends still under sour impressions, that'll only lead to the niche being replaced by a stronger, if not worser group."
  • Gazelle: "Exactly. The only real end to extremeisum is tolerence and equility, violence and hate only makes things worse. Without that, everyone, even the race they are born from, will see the extremeists as the lowly contriditions that they are. Why is that so hard for many to understand this?"
  • Rishon: "Because those like the Qoklara know how effective fear is if you planned it right. They made sure that people focus too much on the negitives and never any possitives so they can maintain power over both sides. The side they're terrorising fears the side they originated, discouraging any attempt to build briages, which, if left uncheck, will only turn more individuals into future members, and the cycle only continues. By showing nothing but love and compassion and only shaming the actual wrong doers, the extremeists know that they are ultamately nothing without that fear and hatred. Oh sure, those like the Extinctioners can still continue to stir trouble, but your ally pool will be vastly limited. With the Extinctioners, being that they are born from an ex-baron of a bygone era, their members had to be farmed from members families and did so with consideration and that they know other members of the race clearly won't vouch for them. But the Qoklara have grown too independent of their race actselly taking them to heart. Once that's gone, even the most devoted member will grow weary of the now aimless cause and disperse, leaving the likes to Kronosas to wither into nothing."
  • Cynmona: "It's ideal, except.... What about the Fangpos? They would do something to make things difficult."
  • Rishon: "Alas, there's little I could about that, even if I did wanted to fix them. The Fangpo race has become so brokenly misguided, the only kindess we can do is give them an exile sheild and hope it'll inspire sensiable Fangpos to take down the race's regime and make their own amends, because, the one thing I'm glad that even the biggest Phend hater acknowledges that everything was because of the Fangpos. Otherwise, if the Phends are solely hated, then my work would've been more difficult. The Phends only became feared and hated because they did more then just not play the victim! They turned too angry that it makes it difficult to deside who's more right or who's truely wrong. Well it's time we paint the Phends in a kinder picture so the Fangpos will no longer dodge blame anymore."
  • Alarms were heard!
  • GC Soldier: "SIR! A Fangpo occupaintion operation is attacking us! They're using a magnet lazer to bring the Dynasty down!"
  • Rishon: "My word! What has gotten into them?!"
  • CG Soldier: "Fangpo unpredictability sir?! Who can say?!"
  • Rishon: "It's possable they figured that they would become sole gainers of blame and infamy if we restore the Phend race! If so, they're aim to stop such by attacking a Grand Counciler AND Grand Council property will harm their last strike! This will be worthy of an Exile Sheild!"
  • GC Soldier: "We have to be able to escape for that to happen, sir! And I'm pretty sure the Fangpos will make sure we never come back!"
  • Gazelle: "And no doubt frame the Phends in the progress. Self-serving brutes?!"
  • Cynmona: "How can we stop this?!"
  • Rishon: "It's best we not confront them physically. I don't want anyone hurt from this."
  • Cynmona: "Just give up?!"
  • Gazelle: "Not give up. Just an act of stragity and caution until an oppertunity can present itself. Can you trust us with this, Cynmona?"
  • Cynmona: "..... Okay..... I trust you."
  • The Dynasty ship is reiled in as Fangpo ships surround it to deter escapes.
  • GC Soldier: "It doesn't look like we can make emergency exits now."

In the planet.

  • As the ship was made to land in the Fangpo Occupantion camp, Fangpo soldiers surround the ship snarling like beasts armed with weapons at it!
  • The ones to came out of the ship are Gazelle, Cynmona who Gazelle is fiercely protecting, and Rishon following close behind alone.
  • Fangpo soldier: "State your business here?!"
  • Rishon: "We assure you, we came on a peace mission. All unpleasentises between the Phends and all of the universes must end."
  • Fangpo soldier: "(Snorts). Then you will answer to General Bi'gmouth Fa Tass."
  • Cynmona giggles quietly.
  • Cynmona: "(Quietly to Gazelle) His name is basicly Bigmouth Fatass!"
  • Gazelle: "(Quietly) Yeah, if the Lougers were here, they would be bursting in laughter by now."
  • Fangpo soldiers make the trio move, as unknown to them, they were watched by figures in the shadows.

General Tent.

  • A Beastly and gross Fangpo general was eating meat slopperly.
  • The Fangpos brought the trio in, who all are disgusted by the sight of the general's ungraceful form.
  • Fangpo Soldier: "General Fa Tass, we caught a counciler, this barnity, thing, and a defected Phend from the Dynasty ship. They're here on a... Peace, mission."
  • General Fa Tass freaked out, almost choked on his meal in a disgusting mannor!
  • General Fa Tass: "WHAT?!"
  • Rishon: "I understand that you feel inconvinenced by this general, but the Phends can't suffer this anymore. There are Phend Hunters going around and attacking and killing Phends! Innosent families are being discriminated! Proper peace must be made in place."
  • General Fa Tass: "PEACE!? WITH PHENDS?! IF YOU DO THAT, THEN THAT HATE WILL GO SOMEWHERE ELSE?! The entire Fangpo race?!"
  • Rishon: "I mean no disrespect, Fa Tass, but your race is already in an unsavery position."
  • General Fa Tass: "But at least with the Phends being as they are, my race is at least 99.5% sheilded from the worse of the hate! If you take away that Phend sheild, then people will start hunting and killing Fangpo familes outside of glorious Fangarus because by proxy the failed false god removal made the Phends like this?! How is THAT better then Phends suffering?!"
  • Rishon: "Believe me, it's not. I only wish for the Phends to be reckindised as the true victims. I assure you, I'll move to halt Fangpo discrimination just as well as Phend discrimination, and those guilty of either hate-crimes will be met with swift justice."
  • General Fa Tass: "I, the great General Fa Tass, rather not risk it?! Even if you can stop that much, it won't stop people from wanting my race to be punished with an Exile Sheild?! If that happens, our glorious millaterry regime will suffer from a mass revolt?! I will not let that happen! Your peace mission MUST fail?!"
  • Gazelle: "Just as I thought. You would sooner let this poor girl's race suffer under undo hatred then admit your msitakes and accept due punishment. By all means, I am against such extreme punishments like Exile Sheilds, but it's obvious that your millaterry regime is worse then the Qoklara's enfluence over their own race. At least the Qoklara in a horrendusly misguided way only wanted to avenge Mazor, something your regime killed to begin with!"
  • General Fa Tass: "MAZOR WAS A FAKE GOD?! HE WAS A ROBOT?!"
  • Gazelle: "He was a real enough god to the Phends if they're so dedicated to reap justice on all outsider communites. I agree that they went about it the wrong way, but because the Fangpos were the first ever outsiders they met, they assumed that no outsider is to be trusted. It's an exsample that your regime only made things worse."
  • Rishon: "He also aggrevated the Phends and made them worse! Stopping Terror Month is rather moot if it only makes it worse."
  • Rishon: "It was so it would prevent the promise of a worser terror month if your relitive wasn't punish for his disrespect! It was never meant to be anything against your family, it was only to ease the rage of the Phends."
  • General Fa Tass: "..... Why are you so determined to protect Phends, counciler? You were form a system the Phends terrorised in Terror Month."
  • Rishon: "My people are no strangers of being treated unpleasently. But we rise above what the Qoklara wanted from us, and only blamed them as individuals, not what they came from. Without fear, the Qoklara knew they couldn't malmitulate us and retreated like the true cowerds they themselves are."
  • General Fa Tass: "So, the other systems and planets that were attacked by them were just moraly and emotionally weaker then your kind Rishon? Is that it? They are wrong for reacting to the Phend's actions like they did?"
  • Rishon: "What I am suggesting is that tragity, while it should be taken seriously, it will only be more tragic if you let it define you. And that's what the Qoklara want. To let tragity define them so they can be molded as "Evil Outsiders" who hate their beliefs and very existence. It is so they can be very short of true-naysayers who are a threat to them in a certain scale. By deminstraighting love and acceptence, The Qoklara will have no more power. And distasteful hatemongers will lose power as well and become islolated and destined to be nothing but another punished group. Love is the true answer to this situation, not hate and violence."
  • General Fa Tass: "What good are ideals when the Fangpos are prosicuted in place of the Phends? I won't let you sacrivce the Fangpo race, just because you became a bleeding heart for Phends?! THROW THEM IN THE CAGES?!"
  • The Fangpo Soldiers grabed the trio.
  • Cynmona: "General, all your doing is sealing your people's fate. This only makes the fall of the regime a sure thing."
  • General Fa Tass: "My ansistery who slayed Mazor may've slipped up, as did my relitive..... But I learn from those mistakes. And if I play it right, the universes will only think that the Phends claimed more victims. And I imagine the loss of a counciler and a space messiah will serve to further complicate relations. The Grand Council and the other universes will declare WAR on the Phends for this! And once so.... We'll be seeing another downfall of the Ceallans and the Vexmites from this. (Laughs evily as Gazelle stared disgustedly in a moral level at Fa Tass, while Cynmona and Rishon look hopeless.)"


  • The two figures see the trio tossed in the cages.
  • One of them looks like a Phend, another, a bird with cat ears.
  • Bird: "It seems we need to help those guys."
  • Phend: "Esepically the Phend Female.... She's someone, close to me. We'll alarm the troops tonight and get them to attack Fatass' base before the false message is sent."
  • Bird: "Ookie-Dookie boss. But your dad might not be fond of the two outsiders."
  • Phend: "Well, it's better then leaving to them to Fatass. Let's go!"
  • The figures ran off!


Intro (???) Coming soon...

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