This trap was made by The Villain League to knock out the Shell Lodge to get their hands on Alice. The trap was successful, and Alice was taken by the Villain League.

When Alice and the League enter the Tulgey Wood in Wonderland, they try to get Alice home safely, but they get lost. Kowalski is impressed by the inhabitants of the woods, and the Lodge gets impressed by the life as well. They discover a Mirrorbird, Umbrultures, AveCages, ShovelEgret, Hammerbirds, Pencilbirds, CymbalFrogs, DrumFrogs, HornDucks, Mome Raths, and a SweepLion. After the Mome Raths show the gang a path that could lead them home, they discover that the SweepLion had instinctively sweeped it clear. Alice gets lost once again, and starts crying. While she sings, the Lodge, and the inhabitants of the woods start crying as well.

Patrick decides that they cheer Alice up with some bubble-blowing techniques. SpongeBob does the technique first, and Squidward criticizes it. Shenzi then bets Squidward he couldn't do it better. Squidward accepts the dare, and does the technique and screams a big green bubble. Squidward is impressed by his success.

Suddenly, the bubble turns into a dreaded Pink Elephant. The soap SpongeBob used was Facilier's voodoo soap, a combination of soap, bubble solution, plant sap, and champagne. When used, the soap would make victims have Pink Elephant Fever. The Shell Lodge begin having Pink Elephant Fever, and begin seeing the Pink Elephants do their usual shenanigans. Every Lodger saw it because it affects nearby people other than the user, and the Lodge was so close together, the soap effected them too. But since Alice was the farthest from them, she wasn't affected and couldn't exactly see the Pink Elephants.

As the shenanigans of the drunk Pink Elephants went crazier, the craziness reached it's maximum capacity, causing a huge flash of light that overloads the Lodger's brains, and thereby knocking them out. With the Lodgers unconscious, The Villain Leaguers quickly smack Alice unconscious, and take her away.

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