Pink Elephants

Some Pink Elephants

The Pink Elephants are Villain League minions who serve the forces of darkness in Spyro and friends meet Dumbo. (though they made an early camieo in an Spongebob and Friends and Alice in wonderland. the project mentioned above is planned.)



During the film, the clowns are drinking whiskey after a long day of working. While most of them are drunk, they knock the whiskey bottle into Dumbo's water buckett. Dumbo and Timothy Mouse both drink the water and as a result, become drunk. Once the two animals have become loopy from the whiskey, they start to hallucinate that they are seeing Pink Elephants. These colorful hallucinations dance around and scare Dumbo and Timothy. Eventually, the effects of the whiskey wear off and the elephants fade away.

Role in the series

The Pink Elephants were sent by Mirage and Dr. Facilier (inside a tainted vodo bar of soap) to attack Spongebob and Alice in the Wonderland campaign as a distraction so that Alice would be captured by the Villain League. saddly, it actselly worked, Spongebob foolishly picks up the vodo soap, and to add it up, added to his bubble bottle, and worse, allowed Squidward to blow the bubble that summons the elephants. cause of the deshaster, and the failure to stop the Queen of hearts and other villains in time, Alice is presumed imprisoned on the mountain of Malefor.

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