Prince Jeki is a minor character from Mulan 2. In the film, the Emperor and Jeki's father, Lord Qin, made an agreement that both their lands would be united against the invading Mongols only if the Emperor's daughters, the Princesses, would marry Je-ki and his unseen brothers. Unfortunately, the other brothers were unseen (as in, disney didn't made them) so he was the guy to get married not to any one of the Princesses, but to Mulan. Thankfully, Mushu and Chi-Fu were able to halt the wedding, allowing the Emperor instead just sign a contract with Qin instead of the whole marriage arrangement. Je-ki's defining character trait is that he is constantly paying attention to his Chinese finger trap game more than current matters at hand. an added joke in the second part of a preview when after he said Mulan was rule, a voice shouted out "DOUGHE!", refering him as a selfish, spoiled, and idiotic jerk. (anyone got an image?)

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