Prydain is the Welsh homeworld of Taran, Eilonwy, Flewdder Flam, Gurgi, Dallben, Hen Wen, the Fair Folk, the Witches of Morva, the Huntsmen of Annuvin, Creeper, and the Horned King. It is a magical land that was once engaged in a series of battles against the Horned King. The Horned King had waged a terrible war on this land for years as the people there tried their hardest to defend themselves from his evil. This place has a small history of Darkspawn since it was once created by the earliest Darkspawn lords, but was converted into a much better land by light gods. That's why the Horned King intended to conquer it so he could please the Darkspawn and become a true Darkspawn Lord. He intended to use the only well-known Darkspawn relic of that world, the Black Cauldron, to release the Darkspawn and help them claim this 'poisoned' world once again. The Horned King's Castle once resided in a forbidden land here until it and the Horned King were dragged into the Banished Realms forever. The High Council has this world under their control so they can ensure that history doesn't repeat itself through other unknown Darkspawn relics. They agreed to allow Victor Von Creepypants to collect these relics for his Darkspawn Museum.

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