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Puss, in boots.

Puss in Boots
(or "Puss" for short) is the tritagonist who first appeared in Shrek 2. He is also the main protagonist of his own movie, Puss in Boots: The Story of an Ogre Killer.

He is a swashbuckling tabby cat with a Spanish accent.

Puss has a sword, a hat, a cape, and a fine pair of boots.

Shrek 2[1]Edit

Recommended to King Harold by Doris (the Ugly Stepsister and barmaid of the Poison Apple Inn) as a famous ogre assassin, Puss is hired by the king to assassinate Shrek. However, unlike his fairy tale counterpart, he does not try to trick the ogre into changing into a mouse, but instead makes a direct, frontal assault on Shrek, which works up until the feline gags on a hairball, spitting it up. Shrek and Donkey think of what to do with him as Donkey even proposes to give him the Bob Barker treatment, but Puss begs for his life. Ultimately, they spare his life, and Puss proposes to the ogre he owes a life debt to him, in thanks. Although there is some tension/rivalry between Puss and Donkey (who seems nervous that Puss is taking his place as "annoying talking animal"), the three eventually become close friends and allies.

Shrek appears to have accepted this debt, as Puss in Boots stays with him throughout the course of the film. Donkey had a particular rivalry with him, considering Puss a threat to his position as Shrek's best friend. It is revealed that Puss has a litter of siblings, a sick mother and a father who lives off the garbage (although he may have been lying so Shrek would spare his life). He has also stated that he "Hates Mondays". This could be a reference to Garfield, another famous orange cat, who hates Mondays.When Shrek and Donkey enter the castle to find Fiona and are being chased by guards, Puss repays his debt to Shrek by holding them off (he removes his hat, looks at the guards cutely, and then attacks them when they stop and say "aww!") When Shrek and Fiona get back together, the king turned back to a frog, Donkey finds out he has become a dad. Due to the friendship that has developed Puss decides to be Donkey's dronkies' uncle.

Shrek the Third[2]Edit

Donkey and Puss remain in Far Far Away with Fiona and Shrek, helping the royal couple run the country in the place of the ailing king.

Puss joins Shrek and Donkey on their journey to find Artie (Fiona's cousin and heir to the throne) and later encourages Shrek to be kinder to Artie to gain the teenager's trust. He also tries to advise Shrek who has just found out that Fiona is expecting a baby, on fatherhood.

When the group is magically sent back to Far Far Away by Merlin, Puss and Donkey have their bodies accidentally switched, something they were not happy about. The two swapped animals later join forces with the Far Far Away princesses and other captives of Prince Charming and help rescue Shrek. Towards the end of the movie, they confront Merlin and demand he put them in their correct bodies. He does so, although their tails seem to have been switched this time (in the next scene, this is shown to have been corrected as well).[3]Puss in Rumpelstiltskin's universeAdded by JMAS

At the end of the movie, Puss helps Shrek and Fiona care for their new born triplets. He has trouble with them pulling his fur and tail.

Shrek Forever After[4]Edit

In Rumpelstiltskin's universe, Puss is Fiona's pet cat, and also her most trusted friend, as he knows of her curse. He's lazy and fat and can chase mice and drink milk like normal cats. He has no clothes but wears a pink bowtie. Puss has also retired from being a swashbuckling buccaneer. He eats Gingy in the alternate universe.

Shrek the Halls[5]Edit

Puss tells the story of Santa Claus as a smooth Spanish cat (similar to himself). He is distracted from telling the tale when he sees a glass Christmas tree ornament and begins batting at it. When he realises what he was doing, he walks away muttering "I have shamed myself". Later, when Shrek explains that he never celebrated Christmas before and wanted it to come right, Puss tells his friend "Christmas just comes". Justin Li is a big fat loser face with big bushy dog hair on the top of his head that makes him look like a porcupine crossed with a dog .


Despite his small size, Puss is a capable fighter even when outnumbered against much larger opponents. He is skilled with a sword and often practically dances around his enemies who can't keep up with him. One of his defenses is using his cute nature by staring up at his foes with an innocent, wide-eyed, expression, which softens his foes hearts. He tried this technique twice in Shrek the Third, both times unsuccessful. The first time, he stands outside the window of Shrek's room, but Shrek simply closed the curtains on him. Later, he tried this in Donkey's body, but the effect was spoiled by Donkey's crooked teeth which disgusted his enemies who promptly tried to kill him.


Puss' Shrek form is based on Zorro's (whom Banderas also portrayed in the The Mask of Zorro and The Legend of Zorro) fighting style, accent (Spanish) and personality. While attacking Shrek, he used his sword to scratch up a P, a parody of Zorro's trademark move. In Shrek the Third, Donkey, while in Puss' body, scratches a D instead. Puss also hates Mondays, as revealed in the Poison Apple bar (a similar trait to Garfield).

Role in the series

Puss in Boots reprises his role from the movies into the series, only he's now speculated to join the Shell Louge Squad alongside Shrek and Donkey.

Role outside the series

Puss in Boots meets Jeffrey Dragonheart and his team and eventually joins the team. In the series, Puss pedges a life debt to Jeffrey, just how he swore a life debt to Shrek. He has since then become a loyal friend to Jeffrey.

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