This battle is the first bettle where Fagin was defeated in Hollywood where Danny, Sawyer, his friends, and The Lodge put on a big act in Darla Dimple's new movie.

Before the battle, Darla joined Fagin and Ratigan on a search for The Black Cauldron in exchange for helping her ruin Danny's act. But they didn't know that Fidget was spying on them. Fidget overheard their conversation, and warned the Lodge. As Danny, Sawyer, and the others were all set to start their performance, Pudge was caught and roped by Darla, Fagin, and Ratigan.

L.B. Mammoth was outside about to introduce the performance. But the performance was in jeopardy. Darla, Fagin and Ratigan planned to flood the stage with water, and thereby ruin Danny's dream, and Fagin would finally be rid of him. But Fidget set a trap for the 3 villains. He disguised himself as a baby, and sacked them all. However, Darla's immense butler, Max, heard their screams and attacked Fidget. The fight raged on, but Fidget won with the help of the Lodge.

The performance went through smoothly. Sawyer was bored at first, but for some odd reason, she got that out of her system and sung with joy. Her singing voice was very attractive, and the Lodge taged in. Squidward, and Kaa sung their own songs. Fidget accidentally lost the key to the closet the Leaguers were in, and they tried to sabotage the show, but every lever they pulled made the show even better. The Leaguers accidentally made the show the best, and the audience loved it.

Darla then got on the stage, and accidentally spilled the beans of their plan in front of the entire audience. Ratigan and Fagin were furiated at their failure, and Squidward pulled a lever, sending Darla down a trap door. The hyenas then grabbed Ratigan, and gave him the 'Bad Guy Boiler' treatment, launching him into the air. Then they grabbed Fagin, and gave him the 'Birdy Boiler' treatment, launching him into the air as well.

Danny, Sawyer, and their friends were then made movie stars, and made many movies together. The Lodge also finished their Camelot triumph movie as well. Darla was fired from her career as a movie star, and then reduced to a janitor. The fate of Ratigan and Fagin remained uncertain, but they will eventally return.

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