Queen La

Queen La

Queen La is the main villainess of The Legend of Tarzan, and is a member of the Villain League. currently unofittal because Scroopfan didn't get clips yet.


She has dark skin, blue eyes and platinum blonde hair, she wears a black bikini and sarong with red trims and alligator teeth attached to it, along with various gold bracelets and jewelry. She has a magic staff that she controls Opar with and has the ability to possess other beings, using it to steal both Jane and Tarzan's bodies before eventually being forced to take over the body of a rat.

The Legend of Tarzan[2]Edit

In her first appearance, La sent her Leopard Men to capture Professor Porter in order to use him in a sacrifice. When Tarzan and Jane come in to rescue him, La becomes smitten with Tarzan and is determined to make him her consort. But Tarzan stays true to Jane and La is forced to use crueler methods to make him submit. Eventually, Jane formulates a plan to burst through the sacrificial chamber and free Tarzan while creating a diversion allowing them to escape. They leave Opar in flames and La is hungry for revenge.

Later, La would be overthrown by her Leopard Men and her staff was taken from her. The Leopard Men then take Jane and while Tarzan pursues them, he runs into a depowered La and the two work together to free Jane. However, Tarzan doesn't know that Jane was taken so the Leopard Men could make her their new queen and free them. La takes her staff back and punishes the rebels, but her staff is again taken from her so that Jane can perform the ritual to restore the Leopard Men to their original leopard forms. Jane breaks the staff and La is turned into dust, with Opar falling into ruins with it.

Now a wandering spirit, La tries to steal Jane's body and revive the city of Opar with it. With the assistance of local mystic Usula, Tarzan tries to find a way to free Jane and stop La's plans, though Usula thinks Jane is beyond help. Eventually La is forced to take Tarzan's body, but as her stone soldiers have been hunting Tarzan, she is forced into taking the body of a rat and is captured by Usula in a bag.