Queen Narissa

Queen Narissa

Queen Narissa is one of the Villain League's High Council members and is the main villain from Spyro gets Enchanted. (which is just an unofittal fan-mage stuff, not really gonna happen people!)

Creation [1]Edit

Narissa was created to be similar to famous Disney Villains such as The Queen, Maleficent and Lady Tremaine. She shares a part of The Wicked Queen by turning into a hag and being an evil Queen. She shares a part of Maleficent because of her dragon form. She shares Lady Tremaine because she is the evil step mother of Prince Edward.


Narissa was given the best and worst of Queen Grimhilde, Lady Tremaine, and Maleficent. She is vindictive, cunning, powerful, ruthless, and full of black magic.


Narissa first appears hoping that she will not see the day when her step son Prince Edward finds a perfect bride, but he eventually does and she bows to stop at nothing to destroy the girl who is Giselle. She later appears in a hag from and tricks Giselle into falling down a fountain into the Human world of New York City. She then sends her former minion Nathaniel to make sure she is killed by giving her a poison apple. Nathaniel fails and Narissa decides to go to New York City herself and get rid of Giselle. She goes to the City's ball celebration and she tricks Giselle to eat the apple. Everyone confronts Narissa and Giselle is awoken by a kiss from her true love Robert. In rage, Narissa turns into a fire breathing dragon and the film's battle begins. Narissa takes Robert to the top of the Woolworth Building and Giselle fights Narissa to save him. Giselle and Robert seem doomed until Giselle's best chipmunk friend Pip comes and due to him being overweight he get on Narissa's dragon finger tip and she drops Robert. Narissa then falls and is killed, while Giselle, Robert, and Pip stay safe on the top of the Woolworth Building.

Role in the series

Narissa is an enigma towards the rest of the Villain League, and she even intimidates Mirage in power, so the cat sorceress uses her only on rare occassions. But still, Narissa conspires to overthrow Mirage and Malefor to become the new leader of the Villain League for she has the powers of both dark spawn lords and even greater control over her dark keyblade.
Demona's keyblade

Narissa's keyblade

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