Ratigan's Goons

Ratigan's Thugs are minor villains in the 1986 film, The Great Mouse Detective. They are Professor Ratigan's minions. They are all mice except for the one lizard, whose design is based off of Bill the Lizard from 1951's Alice in Wonderland. The only one whose name is known is Bartholomew, an alcoholic mouse who, despite being heavily intoxicated at the time, is fed to Savio after calling Ratigan a rat. They follow Ratigan because they admire and fear him. Most of them are defeated in battle and sent to jail.

The Great Mouse Detective (Canon story) Edit

They are first seen cheering for ratigan and lighting Ratigan's cigarrette. Ratigan then annouces his plan to become king of Mousedom by using the kidnaped Flavesham and his daughter Olivia as a threat to be hurt if Mr. flashersham does not obey him. The henchmen cheers. They sing The World's Greatest Criminal Mind - Ratigan takes the verses and the minions sing the chorus. During the song however, bartholonew, drunk, calls Ratigan a rat by mistake. The other criminals try to defend him byu saying it slipped out but Ratigan feeds him to the cat, Felicia. the other criminals mourn. When Ratigan sugggest that they finish the rest iof the song before they get eaten by cat as well, they gasp. Then they sing the song.

They are later seen celebrating the trap of Basil and his partner Dr. Dawson. Whem Basil says he will have ratigan behind bars, the crimnimals laugh at him. A couple of the mice criminals have Basil and Dr. Dawson tied uo so he be killed when when ratigan's record stops playing. A Bill the lizard look-alike and some of the other criminals ride on the cat so that they reach the castle and pretend to be the queen's guards.

When fidget the bat, Ratigan's main henchman, gives him the fake queen toy. Ratigan reveals himself and the queen orders her "guards" to take Ratigan away. but ratigan orders the queen to be tied up and gagged, The queen is taken away by Fidget to be eaten by the cat The real queen calls her her guards "traitors" , believing her guards betrayed her. due to the fact that she does not know that ratigan's henchmen are in disguise.

Ratigan' succeed is in his plan to become king by making Mr. Flaversham in the backgrround making the toy queen talk. while the lizard and a couple of other mice criminals potins spears at him or hold the dialogue so Mr. flashersham and read it. After basil and Dr. Dwason escape and rescue the queen. basil rescues Flashersham and makes the toy talk and ruins Ratigan's plan.Most of the few criminals are arrested and sent to jal, off-screen.

Role in the series

Ratigan's thugs reprise their role from the movie into the Spongebob series. They currently serve as goon soldiers in the Villain League army. they are mainly just his entourage, fans, and total kiss-ups.

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