Red Bull

The Red Bull

Not to be mistaken for or confused with the alcaholic engry drink of the same name. The Red Bull is a terrifying Darkspawn beast in bull form that is commanded by King Haggard in Spongebob meets the Last Unicorn. In the movie, Haggard uses the red Bull, with the Villain League's help, to drive all the unicorns into the sea. According to legends surrounding the first and second cartoonian wars, the Red Bull was created by Chernabog to serve as his guardbeast at Bald Mountain HQ. When the great demon king was sealed away in the mountain, the Red Bull escaped the notice of the High Council and wandered the forests of his new homeworld of Germania for many years until Malefor heard about the creature and recruited it to his side to serve as one of his warriors during the Second War. When the second war ended, the Red Bull was captured by the High Council and imprisoned fulltime in Germania, where it was stripped of its Darkspawn invulnerability and most of its powers, until King Haggard found the creature and made it his personal pet for capturing the Unicorns. When the Red Bull was vanquished by the onslaught of Unicorns in the sea, Malefor found the creature's soul and brought it back to Hell for safekeeping.

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