Red Dragon

Red is a former Dragon Elder and the main antagonist of Spyro: A Hero's Tail. He also appeared as a minor antagonist in Spyro: Shadow Legacy. He became evil in the Spyro series due to the Sorceror's trickery.


Like other dragons, Red is able to breath fire and fly. He also has a staff that he uses for some of his powers, including casting Blizzard attacks. He can also create dark shields, which came along with three, large and thorny plants to guard it.

Red is also a summoner, since he was able to summon foes to fight Spyro during his boss battles (in A Hero's Tail): Dragon Dogs during the first battle and Small Robognorcs during the second.


The Traitorous ElderEdit

Prior to the events of A Hero's Tail, Red was one of the Dragon Elders. Not much else was known about his past, but it was known that he was friends with Titan and Tomas, two fellow elders. However, he soon got captured and became under the control of the Sorcerer. Brainwashed, he decided he wanted more power and attempted to overthrow the leader of the Elders, however, he failed and was banished.

Many years passed and Red returned to the Dragon Realms with dark stones known as Dark Gems to fuel his evil power. Spyro and Sparx discovered that the Dragon Realms were being plunged into darkness, and teamed up with Hunter, Sgt. James Byrd, and a young mole named Blink in order to take down Red and his unholy alliance of Gnasty Gnorc, who was thought to have been killed in the first game, and Ineptune, an evil Mermaid who lives in the waters of the Lost Cities. The five heroes teamed up and battle their way through their homeworlds, and eventually defeated the evil dragon. However, Red escaped to the Volcanic Isles and captured the Professor, forcing him to build an army of robots to get revenge.

When Spyro and Sparx arrived for one more showdown, Red had been accidently turned into a robot himself due to the young purple dragon's mistake. Spyro defeated him, and the Professor shrank Red down to a very small size, so he wouldn't be able to attack the Dragon Realms again.

The Shadow RealmEdit

In Shadow Legacy, Spyro and Sparx returned back to the Dragon Realms to find them in ruins. They soon discovered that the Sorcerer was attempting to seize control of the Dragon Realms using dark, shadowy mirrors of each Dragon Realm, called the Shadow Realms. Spyro learned the art of "Dragon-Kata" and the use of magic from the Dragon Elders, and set out to rescue those the Sorcerer held captive, and defeat the Sorcerer himself.

After clearing the Dragon Realms and Avalar of the shadowy influences, Spyro found Red in the Forgotten Worlds, having taken Bianca captive. After defeating Red, it became apparent that Red was merely a pawn in the Sorcerer's plan to destroy the Dragon Realms. Spyro then battled his way through the rest of the Forgotten Worlds and fought and defeated the Sorcerer in his lair. Afterwards, Red was welcomed back into the Dragon Realms, and now lives at the Dojo teaching young dragons how to fight in preparation for the Sorcerer's return.

Role in the series

Although it is not clearly stated, as it turns out, the Sorceror dragon who corrupted Red was actually Malefor. Red also appears in a Pooh's Adventures episode following the second sequil to ever-ending story, though Scroopfan himself never witness this.

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