Rena in the year 2000

Rena, during the time of the "Masters of Extinction" War


Rena is Kaito's friend since kindergarten. She shares Kaito's secret about the Dino Knights. She possesses the second Dino Dagger. Another fact about her is that she can't swim and has a fear of scorpions and spiders.

== Roles in Dave Felis' Adventures ==
Rena 11 years later

Rena, 12 years later (resembling Naomi Kimura, but with recolored hair)

Eleven years later after the Masters of Extinction War of 2000, she was later running the France replica of the Dinotarium as time was able to catch up on her. She met Dave when he went on his own and found the fossils of the once dino knights who fought diamond ryugu. As Dave touched Dino Tyranno, the latter told the former in his mind to find the dinokeys. As Dave thought the T-Rex fossil moved, Rena thought that it reminded her of Kaito's adventures with the Dino Knights as "good old times"

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