The rescue mission was an attempt to free Kairi and Henyn and a major battle aganist the Shell Louge and Villain League. They enventually succeed and gain more allies.


Refer to specific article for ambush and capture of Henyn.


Taran and the Louge. along with Gurgi make it to overlook to castle of Horned King after tending the hyenas wounds. They free-climb the castle to the point where Taran rips a hole in the mountain, gaining access to the lower levels. The group stealthly passes a couple of guards and overlook a party filled with Villains and barbarians and vikings. The group avoids them, even when their was a green alien that roused up a party. The Horned King and his severant mate Creeper head for the cell of Henyn. Though the Louge falls to the ground after falling from a hole, the group is captured by the vikings and are put into a cell.

Trial and Captured

The heroes are brought before the Horned King, who reveals Mirage and her allies. Horned King recongnizes the Louge and Jungle Crew. The group is then corned and then brought before a huge amount of creatures who sing grimming ghosts come out to socialize. Horned King demands for the whereabouts of the Black Cauldron. After that, he orders the execution of Henyn. But Taran stops it and has Henyn reveal the Black Cauldron's location. The group is then heard by the arrival of an alien princess.

The Louge and their alien allies then escape, being chased by the Vikings and henchmen of the League. Shenzi kncoks the dragons out while the group avoids Vikings and the butcher along with Creeper. Tantor threatens several guards of Frollo and then takes them down.

The group eventually makes it to the edge of the tower and Taran has his friends, with Kairi and Henyn make a leap of faith to the moat.

The Shell Louge and Taran are captured by the Villain League forces, thought the horned King is mad because the other main prisoners escaped.

Gaining Help

Taran and his allies are trapped in a cell. But then suddenly, a lovely princess named arrives from a block slab. After introductions, the princess leads the Louge and Taran down to the underground. They find a old man who is being tortured by a guard. The gang frees the man and they are discovered by a henchman that they escaped. Taran claims a sword magically and gets the guard to leave. The group then makes their way out with their new friends as they come face to face with Deadpool and Zira with reinforcements of the Barbarians. With the new sword, Taran and the Louge defeat or knock out several Villain League troops and their commanders. Blowhole's defenses kick in with the penguins barely escaping. Taran delays the guards and kncoks out many of the barbarians and frog hunters by spilling wine all over.

By now the League is under high alert of the escape and attempt ot kill them all charging in to attack. Taran then activates the machanism of the moat to open the gate with the sword. The Louge and their new friends escape in tow.


"He'll find his pig. Send the Wyvern Twins and Hissta to follow that boy."- Horned King after the battle

Creeper comes before the King and begs for mercy and allows himself to be killed. But the King, sways it off, saying they'll gain the cauldron for the Louge will lead them to it. He orders for the Dragon Twins and Hissta to be launched for pursuit. Lord Cobra then makes a rally for his troops.

The Louge settles near a tree and continue for the black cauldron and gain reinforcements in the form of Hiccup and his dragons friends and vikings, the Hunchback and the gargoyles. Gurgi would lead the party to the hags that they have the cauldron.

Rescue at the Horned King Stronghold

Moisode: Spongebob and Friend Find the Black Cauldron


Temporary Villain League Victory; later to be an offical Shell Louge Victory and Escape

Shell Louge Squad Villain Leage







Horned King

Lord Cobra

Judge Claude Frollo

Dr. Blowhole



Shell Louge Squad

1 Princess

1 Old Man

Villain Leage

Horned King Barbarians

Taran and Shell Louge Squad captured (later escaped) Large # of Villain Leaguers and Babarians defeated, injured, or knocked out

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