Ribe Curse

Ribe Tacheek Cakklas, AKA Ribe Curse

Ribe T. Cakklas, AKA Ribe Curse, is an Alternate UUniversal Electrosnake from Planet Chimerum. He is a bounty hunter who works for The Bounty Hunter Consortium and has been one of it's most feared, aggressive, and successful members despite his weak stature. He was born with a dwarfism mutation and weaker electric organs, which he referred to as a 'curse', and was considered an outcast in his school. After being bullied so much in high school, he left home upon graduation and troubles following him to adulthood left him to become a member of the Consortium. While his size means that he can't crush his targets without his kind's normal strength, his electrical capacity can make up for it at an amount of 700 volts. Despite having no limbs, he is still able to pilot his spaceship Voltality.


Ribe was born on the Planet Chimerum where he was raised by a single mother and had lost his father when he was killed as an assassin. But he was born with a dwarfism mutation upon hatching from his egg. He and his other brothers and sisters went to the same schools and were all the same age. While his siblings were normal, it was hard for Ribe himself to fit in with his classmates because he was much smaller than the rest of his species. By adolescent, he discovered that his fully-matured electrical organs were just as weak as he was small. This resulted in him constantly getting bullied by other snakes that were much bigger than him. Even if he had functional electricity, he was forbidden to use them because he was in school. This meant that the bullies were free to beat him up as much as they pleased. However, one gang of bullies had been beating him so much, he had no choice but to defend himself by using his electricity. Oddly enough, he was not blamed because he was only defending himself. The bullies were punished and put in juvenile hall for assault, and Ribe eventually graduated the following month.

Yet trouble followed Ribe to the age of 24 when he became the victim of not just the bullies he sent to juvenile hall, but most of his school bullies who became gangsters that constantly tried to kill him. To build up his skills, he became a member of the Chimerum military, and then the Chimerum Rebellion against the Villains Act. However, the constant pain of training and the idea that morals got in the way of 'true justice', he decided to become a bounty hunter in the Bounty Hunter Consortium so he could 'laugh at the pain of the guilty'. He was known to the Consortium to have some personal fun torturing criminals that Lik believed was what makes him so fearful. He learned quick martial arts and became one of their feared and successful bounty hunters.


As a snake, Ribe has great flexibility, can hold his breath underwater for a long time, and can strike very fast. But he is a dwarf that can't use his kind's coil strength mixed with electrical power. While Ribe's electrical abilities are not as strong as other Electrosnakes, it is still very dangerous. It delivers a shock as powerful as a common electric eel, and he can make it very lethal by using it when coiled around his victim. He was trained in Vanate (A Zoian version of karate) and his flexibility means that he can do any kind of move with ease. He has no weapons or equipment, all he needs is surprise and electricity.

He flies in a spaceship called the Voltality. He is capable of handling the flying even with no limbs. His ship is made of theonium which he 'borrowed' from the Atonts to make the armor of his ship, and the whole ship is electric, and requires charging on every travel. The ship comes with a cloaking device and a deflector shield, and it is propelled by 5 fusion thrusters powered by hydrogen fuel cells which are lethal when taking extensive damage. The ship is armed with a pivoting electrobeam cannon on the top, as well as laser cannons and missile launchers.