Rito Revolto

Rito Revolto

Rito Revolto is Lord Zedd's skeletal minion, leader of the Youkai Army Corps, and is Rita's idiotic brother.


Arriving on the moon shortly after Rita's wedding to Lord Zedd, Rito led an army of monsters in destroying the Rangers' Thunderzords. It was Rito that provided the Tenga warriors that would be the standard grunt unit used by Lord Zedd throughout the following season. Whilst he wasn't intelligent and was often considered an irritation, he had power roughly equal to Goldar's and was a force to be reckoned with in battle. He was equipped with a sword made of bones and a flamethrower.

He would often fight alongside Goldar, and his buffoonish character rubbed off onto Goldar, making them the evil equivalent to Bulk and Skull (even staying with them in Zeo). He would constantly call Zedd, "Ed", usually causing Zedd to lose his temper and yell at Rito.

After destroying the Command Center at the beginning of Power Rangers: Zeo, Rito somehow lost his memory and served Bulk and Skull until Zedd and Rita restored his memory, after which he helped them in their quest to destroy the Machine Empire.

Rito Revolto's current whereabouts are unknown as he wasn't with Rita and Zedd in the Vica Galaxy when their forces were struck by Zordon's Energy Wave. Nevertheless, it is still possible that he was there. If he was, he likely wasn't destroyed, more likely turned to human by Zordon's energy wave just as his sister was. (Countdown to Destruction)

Role in the series

Rito Revolto will appear in Spyro's Adventures of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers the movie where he will serve Rita and Zedd in their efforts to defeat our heroes, only to turn traitor and join up with Ivan Ooze and his band of renegade minions from the Z empire, this is however, not fully garrintied.

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