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the rock orge

The rock ogre is a giant made out of stone from Quest for Camelot, similar in appearance to Pyornchrazark, the Rock Biter, who is an ally to Pooh and friends. In the original version of the movie, the Rock Ogre was using Excaliber as a toothpick after the griffin lost it. It battled our heroes, despite not being under the control of the villain league. In the end, the ogre sat on Ruber and the Griffin. They managed to pull themselves out though with some difficulty. In the spongebob version, however, the rock ogre's butt did manage to kill off Ruber. (but it's never explain why Ruber's Griffin Servived.) This is because Scroopfan had a strange desire to place his emphasis on villain roles solely for his villain sue Spore creation, Cobra. Thankfully, Scroopfan is planning to resurrect Ruber in a future crossover due to his intimidating appearance and special powers, and that Ruber didn't get to truely be the evil jerk he was in quest for camelot. the orge made one last appearnce (unlike the real film) stepping on Deadpool, but it alcourse did not destroy deadpool, but humlated him though.

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