Rourke Crystallized

Crystallized Rourke, phase 1.

Rourke's heartless, nicknamed "Cristalised Titan", is the 4th created heartless by Xehanort from darkness engry and Rourke's DNA, with added mixture of stolen Atlantian cristals that was amongst the mysterious robed members. However, to Xehanort, it was a creation that still needed to be improved apawn. Xehanort ploted to make a Rourke clone just so he can have the Titan as a minion for his plan army of the great cycle. And he does get that. this beast, and the Nobody of Rourke, who was eventally reserected anew, to be distractions for the lougers long enough until Xehanort gets to the great generator and to Nefarious. When it was damaged enough times after two phrases, it became a vastly different monstrosity and even harder to take down. Even when the lougers beaten the monstrosity and the reformed nobodies defeated Rox, the victories were bittersweet when when the Great Cycle happened.

Rourke (Super Crystal Mode)

Crystal Rourke Heartless - Phase 2

Crystal Trooper

The Crystal Titan, Rourke's full Heartless


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