Rourke's Nobody

"Oh please, having a sense of moral is unbecoming of True Villains."

Roxruek is the second ever Nobody created by Xehanort with the use of darkness engry goo and the DNA of Lieutenant Rourke, currently a member of the Nu Organization XIII (Eventally renamed The Hearts of Darkness union), though he has eventually tossed aside his Org cloak due to making him look girly in his opinion. Roxruek will debut in the spirted away crossover as the reveiled new threats to the lougers. He appears later mostly among the other Nu Organisation with Xehanort discussing his new, sinister plans for the Great Cycle, and keeping it a secret whilest pretending to be loyal to actselly making another clash of light and darkness. in the New Cronitcles two parter, he and Rourke's Heartless are entrusted to keep the lougers, leagers, and others at bay. While the Heartless battle the heroes, Roxuek caught up to Junjie and the other villains who were recovering from the unexpected attack from the reformed nobodies, that resulted in the fall of Ursula's nobody and the Jabberwocky's fall. Junjie thought at first, Rox was here to help aid them against the reformed nobody attackers, but he attacked Junjie and the villains instead. Rox reveiled he had no true loyalty to the ways of the leage, neither did Xehanort and the others in the Nu Organisation/Hearts of Darkness, or as he is now refering them as "The Visionaries", then proceeds to reveil about the great cycle and all of it's horrors, and that he is entrusted to send all of the villains in the villain leage fortress to be sent into darkness quicker. However, he was met with the reformed nobodies, lead by Axel, and the now rebeling Xigbar and Saix. Rox taunted them that Xehanort figured it was only a matter of time until this event happened, brought out his weapon, and proceeded to fight them. He was ultamately brought down by the combined attacks of Saix and Axel after the other nobodies weakened him enough, convinently when Rourke's heartless' was defeated, but also, when the Great Cycle was about to begin.

Roxruek in a robe.

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