Sa'luk is a member of the Villain League, the 2nd-in-command of the 40 thieves, and is the main villain from Spongebob meets Aladdin and the King of Thieves. Sa'luk helps with Cassim being the leader he openly hates him and wishes to over throw him. His favored weapon are a pair of gold claws that he keeps on his knuckles. He leads the attack on Aladdin and Jasmine's wedding and entices a bunch of elephants to stampeed. Later on, Aladdin manages to track down the 40 thieves and makes his way into their hideout, where he learns that Cassim, whom he fought earlier at the wedding, is actually his long lost father whom he hadn't seen since childhood and was believed by him to be dead. To Cassim's horror, the other thieves decide to have him fight Sa'luk in order to gain entry into their club. Aladdin gets a nasty cut on his arm during the fight and tries to use his sword on him but he knocks it out of his hands causing it to stick into a cave wall. Eventually, Aladdin manages to defeat him by grabbing onto his sword and kicking Sa'luk off a cliff where he plunges into the bay below, prompting the other thieves, thinking him dead, to allow Aladdin into their club. Unknown to them, Sa'luk is actually alive and survived the fall he takes his anger out on some sharks that try to eat him and he kills one of them.

He makes his way to Agrabah and confronts Razoul the head guard and in an attempt to put Cassim in prison tells him the location of his hideout and tells him the password for the entrance to open "open sesame". He later discovers that Cassim had left with Aladdin to find the Hand of Midas so he gathers the remaining thieves that hadn't been captured and controls them. Later they work together and capture Cassim and Iago and makes him lead them to the Vanishing Isle, although during their journey Iago manages to escapes and tells Aladdin the news. Having reached the Vanishing Isle, which is housed on a giant turtle, Genie distracts the turtle so it will stay afloat while Aladdin follows Sa'luk who has Cassim with him. He knocks Sa'luk unconscious and frees Cassim, they eventually discover the Hand of Midas and are amazed by it's power Sa'luk discovers this and knocks out Aladdin and demands Cassim hand over the Hand of Midas or he will kill Aladdin. Thinking quick he tosses the Hand to Sa'luk who grabs it by the hand but to his horror he realizes that he is transforming into gold. He attempts to remove the gold from him and get rid of the hand but it consumes him and turns him into a gold statue which falls off the ledge he was standing on and sinks into the sea below.

Role in the series

In the spongebob adventures series, since Iago joined the shell louge squad instead of going with Aladdin, the events of the third (turn second cause Scroopfan won't consider the return of Jafar) movie and Sa'luk's scheme will have to be changed a little to fit the adventures style. the film it's self was not even considered, but Scroopfan may eventally change his mind.