Sabor is Clayton's second-in-command of the Deep Jungle conquest, a savage leopard, and a member of the Villain League in Tarzan. She is the one who killed Tarzan's parents and Kerchak and Kala's baby.

Background of Name[1]Edit

In the original Tarzan story by Edgar Rice Burroughs, the meaning of the word "sabor" meant "lioness". This was changed to "leopard", despite the prior existence of a different and quite serviceable Mangani term for leopard (Sheeta). The alteration appears to have been made for two reasons. The first was for factual accuracy; lions are in fact creatures of the veldt, not the jungle as portrayed in Burroughs's tales; in African jungles, the dominant (and only) large predator is indeed the leopard. The second was more aesthetic; Sabor, they felt, is simply a more evocative and interesting word than Sheeta; and in brazilian portuguese, "sabor" means "flavor".



In the opening song, "Two Worlds", Sabor kills Tarzan's parents and Kala and Kerchak's child, although off-screen. Kala heres a baby's cry and rushes to Tarzan's old treehouse, to find it in a mess and his parents' bodies lifeless. she finds the baby and cuddles it, when Sabor leaps from a beam and attacks. Kala escapes with Tarzan as Sabor is caught in some rope.

Sabor later appears in about the middle of the film, where she attacks the gorillas. Kerchak briefly fights her, but loses. Before Sabor could kill him, Tarzan comes in swinging on a vine, kicking the leopard. During the fight, Sabor knocks the tip off of Tarzan's spear. He gets it on a flimsy covering of a pit. Sabor leaps down on him and they plunge into the pit, and is incidentally impaled on the head of Tarzan's shattered spear as the ape man raises it against the leopard. Tarzan then calls out the famous ape man cry, as he lifts up Sabor's dead body.

The Legend of Tarzan[4]Edit

Sheeta, the discarded original Burroughs designation, was later used in The Legend of Tarzan show as the name for one of two black panthers that attack together (the name of the other was Noru). Black panthers are actually a color variety of leopards and they do exist in African jungles, although they seem to be rare.

In a few episodes, Sabor has been mentioned.

Role in the series

Night Terror

Sabor as Night Terror

Sabor is a member of the Villain League alongside Clayton. in a non-cannon appearence in the ed's adventures, she was the pet of Zuko, before his betral to the horde of darkness. it's not known if Sabor reforms as well, but it likely the horde will erase her memory of Zuko. Sabor will appear in the Dave Felis series, having been reformatted alongside several other Jungle Hunters into Dragozaurs, with her codename being Night Terror. She muses of how the Dino Knights chose Dave and the others to do all the work in their steed and snarls at Thundercackle's taunts, only to be silenced by her emperor Diamond Ryugu

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