Saleen is a member of Team Nefarious, and an example of “Ariel goes bad.” Saleen is a red-hair mermaid with an attitude believing she can win any man and if he’s not free she doesn’t shun anything to get the ‘competition” out of the way. And if he keeps refusing she will use her magic to make him fall in love with her. Between Saleen and Saleen Saleen is the real bad girl, but has more personality.
Like that day when Aladdin and his friends went to the beach for a day. Jasmine and Aladdin get in an argument and she walks away sitting on a cliff she’s hit by a wave and pulled under by a whirlpool. There she meets our enemy, Saleen, who thinks she got a sailor but instead a princess. She gives Jasmine the ability to breathe and talk underneath the surface. They get in a conversation. When she tells Saleen about Aladdin the evil mermaid sets her sights on our hero.
At shore she changes her tail into legs and after trapping Jasmine under water in the care of Saleen’s octopus she walks along the beach until she finds Aladdin. She gets him to walk to back to Agrabah meanwhile doing her best to make him forget that he’s looking for Jasmine. Meanwhile Jasmine isn’t going to let Aladdin steal away from her. She dumps the octopus and swims to holes near the surface where she sees her city and Aladdin with Saleen on his arm. She does her best to get his attention but Saleen prevents that by making the water in the bucket flow away.

Finally in a water well Jasmine gets her boyfriends attention she telling him she’s trapped by Saleen. Saleen efuses to let her go. Jasmine tells Genie to play along with Saleen because it’s a cruel game to the mermaid. Genie brings the message accross to Aladdin. He takes Saleen to a fish restaurant where Team Aladdin trap Saleen into the sea getting Jasmine free at the same time.

The evil mermaid doesn’t take no for an answer and pulls Aladdin deep under water nearly drowning him. Aladdin and Jasmine struggle with Saleen till she’s launched across the ocean Submarine Genie. Aladdin and Jasmine make it up and, for the moment, everything is fine.

Saleen goes back and out to get Aladdin. By sinking one of the Sultan’s ships she lures Aladdin to a small island somewhere in the ocean. There she makes a surprise appearence to let a print of a sea star on Aladdin’s chest. With her magic she slowly turns the hero into a shark and keeps him as a pet. Genie, Abu and Iago with the help of Saleen’s former pet, an octopus, free Aladdin from Saleen’s grasp.

Role in the Series

Saleen has currently made zero appearances in the series, but since she is a mermaid, she will possibly appear in the Little Mermaid 2 to aid her fellow Team Nefarious members and Morgana in trying to steal Triton's trident.