As narrated by Shifu in Legends of Awesomeness, Scorpion once lived in the Valley of Peace where she was a celebrated healer, skilled in the use of medicinal herbs and grew experimental flowers in the Valley's rich soil. She one day stumbled upon a hypnotic elixir and stung herself with it, which had warped her body and mind. She used this new power to assault the Valley, using her elixir-enhanced stinger to control others, turning them into red-eyed drones. She nearly succeeded in taking the Valley over until Oogway stood in her way, using the villagers' loyalty to free them of Scorpion's mind-control and his shell to break her stinger, rendering her powerless. Oogway thereafter banished Scorpion and she stole the last Sun Orchid in the entire Valley in retaliation, and swore eternal vengeance on anyone from the Valley of Peace. Scorpion is set to return in the Spongebob series (firstly in the fanfiction comic series in a later issue) as a member of the Villain League, reprising her role from the Kung fu panda tv series.