Shadow Aladdin

Shadow Aladdin

Like Scourge Jasmine, Shadow Aladdin is Aladdin's Unversed, created by Mirage to help guard the Princesses of Heart alongside his evil mate and Roscoe and DeSoto. The evil Aladdin also has a genie, but, being evil, his was never freed. Shadow Aladdin is thought to be like the son Jafar never had.

However, this evil Aladdin is also pretty much a stupid bully who is unimaginative and resorts to basic trickery to get what he wants. Originally, Shadow Aladdin was created by Chaos in the Pooh's Adventures Universe to prove that Aladdin always wins...but which one? This Shadow Aladdin was defeated by the real Aladdin, who pushed him into a well, leaving the evil twin all wet. He wasn't seen again afterwards, but it can be assumed that Chaos destroyed the Shadow Aladdin off-screen, seeing as he had outlived his purpose in the series.

Evil Aladdin looks and sounds exactly like his counterpart, except that his clothing is colored differently and he has dark circles around his eyes.

In The New Cronicles 2-parter, He and the other aladdin character clones were not included on the great cycle skeme, cause Xehanort knew from the Book of Predictions that Shadow Aladdin was destin to be defeated soon by the advancing Lougers who first target to rescue the princesses of heart to hopefully put a giant strain in the false plan of making a new clash and distrupt the progress for the X-blade. And like Xehanort predicted, Shadow Aladdin, Scourge Jasmine, and Evil Genie, were defeated by the Lougers, so it was a considerably wise move not to make them visionaires, and it served to damaged Mang's confindences and faith in darkness along side the death of the Jabberwocky.

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