Shark (Help I'm A Fish)

The Shark.

The Shark Manservant is Joe's giant shark henchman and another villain from the obscure danish film, Help, I'm A Fish! Like Joe, Sharky was made intelligent due to a mad scientist's potion, but it only made him as smart as a moronic human. Joe and Sharky nearly succeded in their plot to take over the ocean, but were folied by Fly and his friends. When Joe died and became a Dark Spawn, he decided to drag down his former servant with him, and turn the shark into a Dark Spawn servant, not a lord like his master. As of late, Sharky remains loyal to Joe despite his betrayal in their original movie. he was dubbed the dark spawn shark of glutteny in honer of his tendingcy to eat anything small enough to fit his unforgiveing jaws.
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the shark with Joe.


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