The Louger Van (Early Years).

The Shell Lodge Squad Flying Atlantean Van is a large black, red and yellow flying van that is used to help the Shell Lodgers get around. It sometimes crashes but aside from that, it's among the most useful rides in United Universal transportation. It originated from Atlantean engineers.

The van use to be fueled by song, but was converted into gas by Ignitus when crashes started occurring too much. The van started out as a basic transportation device until rescuing Atlantis lead to the ship getting upgrades including weaponry and defense systems, some being traded from other sci-fi worlds. The van started becoming more like a spaceship as the series went on. It can also be converted into a small amulet with a single push of a button. Then it could be converted back into a van again at any time.

As the Shell Lodge grew in size, so had the van. The van started out with 10 seats, was 10 ft long, and 8 ft tall, and this was the version that was song-fueled. That version couldn't hold the increasing Shell Lodge members (with exception from the members that can fly or have their own method of transport, but must be in the van or other vehicle during space travel), so the engineer members of the Shell Lodge had to expand it's length, add more seats, and over the years, add special upgrades.

The van was first used by SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, Mr. Krabs, and Sandy when they found the other half of the Atlantian amulet. It was used to transport the pentro to Atlantis for the first time. The van was used once again when The Shell Lodge was on their Rescue Aid Society mission. Even though during that time, the van still ran on song, they still got used to it.

Once the Shell Lodge finish their mission on helping Bambi become an amazing prince, the van will be at it's maximum upgrade. The Hypernova Van 300 is the 4th version of the flying van itself. This version is a van that looks mostly like a real spacecraft. The van will have everything the minds of the Lodge can think of. It doesn't need that much fuel, and it can fight and maneuver like a starfighter. This van will be the Lodge's superior UUniversal transportation system.

They continued using their common spaceship-sized model until one visit to the sci-fi world of Futurasia, when a short run with an alien engineer named Lexus Lexicon lead to Kowalski gaining an interest in his handywork in fitting their van with Futurasian technology, and first asking for a space storm defense system, he soon gave them more features including rotary laser cannons which use 10 kinds of weaponry.



The Shell Lodge Squad Flying Van (Pre-Saf)

The van was first available for SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, Sandy, and Mr. Krabs when they united the two halves of the Atlantean Amulet. At first it didn't work because it had no fuel, until it was revealed that it didn't run on fossil fuels since Atlanteans thought they were 'counter-intuitive', and therefore had it run on singing of great desires. And so the group sung their way to Atlantis, with no one knowing that Plankton snuck on. They crashed into a topiary garden, and Plankton exited through a fuel exhaust port (Unexplained since it didn't run on fuel). It was later used to send the heroes back to Bikini Bottom, much to the displeasure of all except SpongeBob.

It was later first used by the Shell Lodgers in SpongeBob and Friends join The Rescuers to travel from New York to Devil's Bayou. They have been using it ever since, yet have not changed it's fuel source of song until later in the series. But as the series progressed, they upgraded their ship, changing various qualities. The last known version of this van which they currently use is the size of an average spaceship and is capable of all-terrain transport, accurate dodging in a spacefight of any kind, is armed with various weapons, and has various other features. It isn't until during one of their Chronicles adventures where they decide to change from basic scientific additions and decide to try out technology from Futurasia, and with help from an alien mechanic, they have new additions to their van.


The van is known for all-terrain transport. It functions as both a ground and air vehicle, and it can survive in space, toxic environments, and underwater. It has enough maneuverability as a starfighter, and can do impressive stunts. But due to it's size, it can't be rode on common-sized roads, and it took the Lodgers some magic assistance to give the van the ability to be compactable, turning into the Atlantean Amulet and being easier to carry.

The van is known for carrying a vast amount of equipment. The cockpit of the van carries a computer that is programmed to identify any world they enter or a certain landmark, explaining it's history and significance, and is also programmed to give spare information by voice command. Other equipment includes Wi-Fi for Internet access, a few supercomputers for various commands such as DNA recognition, scanning, and locating, as well as analysis on different kinds of machinery and devices, and it also comes with several forms of entertainment such as television and video games. Each seat has a compartment near the wall for containing supplies and personal items, and the van also comes with an emergency compartment system that deploys needs for events such as camping or building settlements.

Other kinds of equipment include the van's weaponry and defenses. Some of them were either traded from other sci-fi worlds or created by the genius Lodgers. The current weapons and defenses they use are a cloaking device that is fueled by nitrogen cells and can last a full minute before recharging. The van's thrusters ranged in type as the van evolved. Their current thrusters are known to be antigravity-based, and can be given greater speed by Kowalski's perfected 'nucular' reactor. They also have a hyperdrive for space-travel. Their deflector shields are useful when handling a barrage of enemies. Their weaponry was also changed throughout the years. They first used basic weaponry such as laser cannons, but now thanks to Lexus' influence, they have a rotary cannon which uses 10 weapon types:

  1. Laser Cannon- The most common ammunition type. It fires concentrated blasts of energy that can do some damage to it's targets. It's battery is long-lasting and recharges every 10 shots.
  2. Atomic Cannon- A machine gun-type weapon which fires rapid-firing volleys of atomic energy. The atomic battery is very powerful and unstable, and it requires cooling after 20 seconds of fire, or it will overheat and explode.
  3. Incendiary Cannon- A cannon that can set it's target on fire with superheated fuel-filled projectiles. The incendiary rounds are guided bullet-like projectiles that can travel as fast as an actual bullet even in space, and it ignites on impact setting it's target ablaze.
  4. Sonic Cannon- A weapon that unleashes an intense amount of loud damage, useful for certain enemies. Traveling at roughly the speed of sound, the sonic cannon can shatter glass, and aggravate people with it's sonorous damage.
  5. Ion Cannon- A weapon that can be used to disable electronics including machines and ships. It is not a weapon used for disabling other people like a taser, yet it only stings a bit.
  6. Explosive Launcher- A weapon that can fire large motion-triggered bombs that can give a massive explosion. The bombs are filled with pyrophoric substances that can allow for maximum damage, and can be fired at vast distances, and the distance is multiplied when in zero-gravity, which means it will automatically go straight when in space, and it will detonate in a second upon contact with it's target.
  7. Focus Laser- A concentrated beam of heated energy that can deal focused damage to a target like a laser-pointer. However, the focusing heated beam can only last 20 seconds before recharging. It's battery is capable of lasting for over 2 years.
  8. Freeze Cannon- A canon that can freeze enemies with water-and-nitrogen-based lasers. They can be useful for stopping foes, and they can also be useful for fires.
  9. Seeking Missile Launcher- A weapon that fires seeking missiles that can deal some explosive damage to a target. This launcher can carry up to 20 rockets in each barrel.
  10. Quantum Cannon- A cannon developed by the Monster Hunter Brigade that can be used to deal with spiritual creatures and send them to the afterlife.

The van currently has two floors, each of them having several rooms. The bottom floor contains the cockpits for both driving and for operating the weaponry, and the controls for the shields, cloaking device, the hyperdrive, and the nuclear reactor, as well as an intelligence lab where the supercomputers are located for analysis and intelligence, and a briefing room for planning out missions and attacks. The top floor has a living compartment which comes with entertainment through television and video games and a spa, and is the common place for accessing the van's Wi-Fi, as well as the maintenance room where repairs to the van's equipment. The van currently has 86 seats, 43 on each floor which can hold a lot of people, including not just the Lodgers, but also their allies.

Van's Evolution

G1 Atlantean Van

Shell Lodge Vans 001

G1 Atlantian Van

The Generation 1 Atlantean Van was the starting model that was forged by the Alien Atlanteans, and was the original version that escorted SpongeBob and his friends to Atlantis. Due to the Atlanteans finding fossil fuels counter-intuitive, this version's fuel source was singing, and so whenever it was being rode in the original series, there was usually a song to be played. This model wasn't really built for fighting at the time, and therefore had no weaponry. It was only useful for basic travel across the UUniverses.
  • First Used: SAF Join The Rescuers
  • Last Used: SAF go on The Quest for Camelot
  • Length: 10ft
  • Height: 8ft
  • Fuel: Song
  • Capacity: 10 Seats (29 Lodgers-38 Lodgers)
  • Small Wings (Atlantean)
  • Cosmic Propellor (Atlantean)
  • Warp Drive (Atlantean)

G2 Atlantean Van

Shell Lodge Vans 002

G2 Atlantian Van

The Generation 2 Atlantean Van was a great improvement upon the van, and the Atlanteans, as an act of gratitude for rescuing them, helped them fit the van with improvements. Though it wasn't until SAF in Cats Don't Dance that their van's fuel source was switched out from song to gas by Ignitus since song was getting very grating when they ended up crashing into another topiary garden in Hollywood for it. This version was given great improvements, and the genius Lodgers gave it improved equipment including weapon systems and greater maneuverability.
  • First Used: SAF find Atlantis
  • Last Used: SAF meet Lilo and Stitch
  • Length: 15ft
  • Height: 10ft
  • Fuel: Song-Gasoline (SAF find Atlantis-SAF in Cats Don't Dance)
  • Capacity: 18 Seats (38 Lodgers-62 Lodgers)
  • T-14 Hyperdrive Generator (Sold from Star Wars Universe)
  • Mini Laser (Sold from Spore Universe)
  • Wider Wings (Crafted by Atlanteans)
  • Ionic Thrusters (Built by Kowalski & Sandy)

G3 Atlantean Van

Shell Lodge Vans 003

G3 Atlantian Van

The Generation 3 Atlantean Van was created during the times Private was telling the story of SAF meet Lilo and Stitch. It was a remarkable improvement and built for better maneuverability and fighting. The weapons and equipment were improved, the van grew in size, and the Lodgers had no trouble dealing with space pirates and attackers.
  • First Used: SAF meet Hercules
  • Last Used: SAF meet Bambi
  • Length: 20ft
  • Height: 15ft
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Capacity: 26 Seats (62 Lodgers-83 Lodgers)
  • Cloaking Device (Built by Kowalski & Sandy)
  • Laser Cannons (Sold from Star Wars Universe)
  • Repulsor Turbine Wings (Built by Kowalski & Sandy)
  • Repulsor Thrusters (Built by Kowalski & Sandy)

G4 Atlantean Van (Hypernova Van 300)

Shell Lodge Vans 004

Hypernova Van 300

The Generation 4 Atlantean Van, dubbed the Hypernova Van 300, is the final model of the Shell Lodger Van was the ultimate way to make the van function like a spaceship and a command center. It can hold a ranged amount of passengers and has been given the greatest qualities that a spaceship can provide. The fuel source has been changed from gasoline to an electric generator that can last for over 5 years without recharging for environmentally-friendly methods. There is a great number of seats for the passengers, and there are electrical outlets and compartments for supercomputers, machines and supplies. The cockpit even comes with a new computer system for identifying worlds and landmarks. There are also 2 floors on the ship which can house several kinds of accommodations. They still use this model to this day.
  • First Used: SAF join The Rescuers Down Under
  • Last Used: Present
  • Length: 25ft
  • Height: 15ft
  • Fuel: Battery-Fueled Electric Generator (Built by Kowalski & Dr. Cockroach)
  • Capacity: 86 Seats with Compartments (All Lodgers and Allies)
  • 1st Floor: 43 Seats, Driving and Weapon Seats, Mini Intelligence Lab, Briefing Room.
  • 2nd Floor: 43 Seats, Living Comparment for Spa & Entertainment, Maintenance Room.
  • Nuclear Reactor (Rebuilt by Kowalski)
  • P-12 Shield Generator (Sold from Star Wars Universe)- Futurasian T-75 Cosmic Shield Generator (Lexus Lexicon)
  • Blaster and Mega Laser (Sold from Spore Universe)- Futurasian Rotary 10-Weapon Dual Cannons (Lexus Lexicon)
  • Antigravity Turbine Wings (Built by Kowalski & Sandy)
  • Antigravity Thrusters (Built by Kowalski & Sandy)

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