Shellmon is a mollusk digimon that was stabbed into darkness by Facilier to provide Dark Cynder with another monster for her armada. Shellmon can withdraw into his shell for protection. The top of the shell can spin when he emerges from the sand. He lives in a shallow seabed of seashores near the Net Ocean, that takes the form of a hermit crab. Because he is a mollusk, he will live in anything he enters. Because he keeps on growing, he has to change dwellings; his full size is the size of a small rocky mountain. He has a forest counterpart in MoriShellmon.

Digimon Adventure[1]Edit

After the DigiDestined's encounter with Kuwagamon, a Shellmon appeared under the sands of a beach where strange phone booths were lined up. Tai and Agumon engaged Shellmon in battle up to where Agumon Digivolved to Greymon for the first time and knocked Shellmon far into the ocean. After escaping the Dark Masters, the DigiDestined ended up in the same location and encountered the same Shellmon in the water (this time, it had dialogue). Biyomon and Tentomon were able to send it retreating.

Digimon Adventure 02[2]Edit

In a frozen area of the Digital World, Shellmon reappeared under the control of the Digimon Emperor's Dark Ring attacked Joe, Gomamon, Cody and Armadillomon while the others destroyed the Control Spire. Gomamon tried to pacify it but did not work. He was freed from the Dark Ring by Digmon, but then Ebidramon appeared. When Digimon began to appear in the Real World, he appeared once more with an Ebidramon and a Gesomon in Australia while they were chasing an Australian Digi-Destined named Derek and his Digimon Partner Crabmon. Ikkakumon, Crabmon and Armadillomon drove them away with thought of them in food. The 3 Digimon later appeared being herded with a Whamon and a Raremon after Zudomon, Submarimon and Coelamon defeated Scorpiomon and took down the Control Spire. They were all sent back to the Digital World after Scorpiomon's defeat.

Role in the series

Shellmon first appeared as a reinforcement minion to Ruber and Dark Cynder in the Quest for Camelot. Shellmon was defeated by Augemon when he digivoled into Graymon and sented it flying, and ferther to sea after a fireball, and two goofy screams can be heard when Shellmon was sent to the sea. Shellmon returned as a reinforcement monster in Spongebob and Friends meet Hercules, but was again defeated by Greymon. Shellmon now currently serves as one of Etemon's new minions with Dark Cynder's reformnation as Normal Cynder.

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