These cannons are about the deadliest weapons ever invented in the united universes. The schematics were provided to Lord Shen by Lord Cobra. The cannons used highly complicated pyrotechnical firework technology. The cannons are made of metals, and breathes fire and spits metal. When lit, the cannon will fire a pyrotechnical ball of sparkling fire, which can take down an entire building in one shot.

The cannon works in a very complex way. Inside the cannon is a big frozen ball of cold gunpowder, and when the cannon was lit, then the fume would set the ball on fire, combusting it, and the heat would trigger a spring that was heat sensitive that launches the flaming ball at a speed of 180 mph. The ball could go a very long distance right until the ball melts. If the ball hit something, the force of the impact combined with the extreme friction of the ball's speed would overheat the gunpowder, causing it to instantly explode on impact. When the ball had been shot out of the cannon, the cannon would wait until it's inside would cool down before it forms a new ball.

The cannonball's power was estimated to be about 10000 kilowatts. That's enough power to kill. This makes the cannon the most powerful weapon ever made. The cannons are recently owned by The Lodge by command of Lord Shen.

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