This lore covers the origins of Lord Shen as he really is in the original film, swearing revenge on all China after his banishment for being the way he is. How exactly does Shen go from a power-hungry warlord with a freudian excuse to suddenly becoming a doting god-uncle to Kairi?

Shen was born into the noble Peacock family, who were esteemed by the people of Gongmen City for their invention of fireworks; Shen was supposed to be the heir to the Gongmen Throne but the young Shen soon encounter a strange figure who informed him that his parents lied to him about being destined to the throne then said that he's just there for family appeal to his mother and father. Believed that he is un-loved, Shen asked if there's anyway for him to earn better respect and the figure replied that he will have to be his personal apprentice.

Shen, not knowing any better, agreed to his terms and the figure, revealing himself to be Mang Cobra, led him the dark ways of fireworks. Soon, he began to dabble in the making of weapons with the use of the fireworks' gunpowder, as his loving parents grew worried. They asked their court soothsayer what his future held and she proclaimed that if he continued on his dark pursuits, he would be defeated by "a warrior of black and white". Overhearing this and fearing any obstacles in his plans, Shen led his wolf followers to go forth and defy this prophecy. Shen assumed the "warrior of black and white" referred to a giant panda, he led his forces in decimating a farming village populated by the black and white colored bears, intending to leave none alive. After the massacre was complete, Shen returned home, expecting praise from his parents. However both his mother and father were horrified at their son's deeds, and they instead banished Shen forever for his crimes with their throne eventually being turned over to the stewardship of Master Thundering Rhino and the Kung Fu Council.

Before Shen left Gongmen City with his followers, Cobra suddenly appeared right in front of the Gate of Gongmen Palace and gave the banished Prince/ dark apprentice a warm welcome and offering a trip to the out of of his home and to the Villian League to begin his new training. Fueled with anger and feeling wronged by his parents while considered his actions to be right and defying his fate to realize his goals, He accepted his proposal. He turned to his parents (who were shocked and realize their son was manipulated by an evil entity) then swore his revenge, promising he would oneday return and would rule supreme over all of China. And with those last words, He (along with his followers) entered the dark portal with Cobra, not daring to look back at his parents as he disappear into darkness.

During the years, Shen had been with the Villian League as Cobra's most faithful apprentice and his favorite (next to Dark Cynder) for 10 and a half years while he began to develop the ultimate weapon: A cannon that would bring an end to the use of Kung Fu where deep in the mountains, Shen's wolves worked tirelessly to complete it.

One day, Boss Wolf, his second-in-command, informed him that they ran out of metal to use as material. Shen informed his master about his situation and Cobra's response to him was to take his followers to attack the closest worlds and steal all its metal. So, Shen left the dimension with his wolf and gorilla followers and began to cause havoc among a couple new worlds for 4 years often returning to the factory, to build more cannons.

A year after, Shen then went to Radiant Garden where he first met it's ruler who was awfully kind to him and became friends with him for another 3 years . Corba suspected this and used Shen's friendship to the young women to find the power of the light of it's world so that he can destroy it and take another own for his own.

This friendship last only for while....the king became sick with an unknown diesease and with no cure, he die a week after. Soon the queen became sick with the same disease and being 9 months pregnent with an unborn child, she was slowly dying. On her deathbed, She wanted Shen to promise to take care of her child as her beloved God-Uncle alongside with her mother. Shen, feeling sadden about this loss of his friend, agreed to these terms.

A week later, the queen has given birth to a beautiful baby girl who was born with pure light, sadly, the new mother died afterwards; Shen was soon pronounced Lord of Radient Garden. Shen decided to move most of his belongings and his followers to Radiant Garden which was also given permission by Cobra (unaware of Cobra using him for his evil intentions) and became the princess Kairi "Uncle".

During the 7 years, Shen ruled Radiant Garden with firm grip though he show a bit of kindness towards the citizens while most of his men do their work in the factories while others became guards the palace. Shen or now "Lord Shen" does his royal duties and trains constantly but he always has time with his beloved niece, Kairi; the little princess would even often visit her uncle in his factories or during his training just to say hello (which doesn't seem to bother him) and enjoy her company. She even one time gave him some flowers and in return, Shen gave her his family heirloom, the Yin-and-Yang amulet.

Everything was beginning to look bright for Shen until darkness befall him once again when Mang Cobra returned to him one night, viciously reminded him of his position toward the Villian League.....

(I'm gonna think more about the event of the destuction of Radiant Garden)

Even though the invasion was a success, Cobra was still furious of Shen's sudden action against the Firebird. He begins to fear that Shen would soon turn against him, for the sake he placed a spell upon him and all his followers, removing their memories of Radiant Garden, worlds beyond his own world, the Villian League and himself as well. He even removed the Soothsayer's memories, who has been secretly watching over Shen the entire time; He then rewritten them into thinking that Shen has been living in the mountains for 30 years, completeing his final move on his devious plan to conquer China...and for that, that's where all begins ( the start of Kung Fu Panda 2).


Deep in the mountains, Shen's wolves worked tirelessly to complete their master's ultimate weapon but when theWolf Boss informs him that they had run out of metal to use as material so he orders him to attack the farthest villages and steal all the metal they could find, Shen decided that it was time to move forward with his plans.

Shen returned to Gongmen City and marched up to his former home, easily dispatching the guards that tried to subdue him at the gate. Once there, he confronted the Kung Fu Council and the Soothsayer, telling them that he was there to take back what was rightfully his. In the skirmish that followed, Shen easily outfought Masters Storming Ox and Croc, but was pushed back by Master Thundering Rhino, who shattered several of Shen's blades. However, Shen was ready for this, and unveiled his new weapon. Thundering Rhino was fearlessly prepared for battle, but he was no match for Shen's device, and was killed by the blast of the cannon. With Thundering Rhino fallen, Shen threatened to turn his cannon on the entire city, unless Storming Ox and Croc surrendered, to which they agreed. He had the two masters imprisoned in Gongmen Jail and planted Thundering Rhino's Cloud Hammer in his courtyard as a trophy.

With the Council out of the way, Shen began to ransack the tower, even throwing his father's throne out the window and replacing it with his cannon. He then questioned the Soothsayer about his future, but she informed him that nothing had changed; he would still be defeated by "a warrior of black and white". Shen declared this to be impossible, but was quickly proven wrong when Boss Wolf returned, informing him that he had battled a panda, whom, he commented, "fought like a demon". Shen, furious at this news, yet determined to keep his cool, ordered Boss Wolf to bring the panda to him so he could kill him himself and prove the Soothsayer wrong.

Later, when Po and the Furious Five were brought before him in handcuffs, Shen was taken aback by Po's casual behavior of not being intimidated by him or by the situation. Shen soon realized that Po was unaware of the massacre of the pandas, and of Shen's role in it. He laughed and taunted him about his ignorance, and then ordered the Wolf Boss to fire the cannon at Po and the Five, but Mantis quickly extinguished the fuse and knocked Boss Wolf out, which bought Viper enough time to pick the lock on Tigress' cuffs. Once they were free, the Five attacked, and Tigress and Mantis destroyed Shen's cannon, and Po lunged at Shen. However, upon seeing the marks on Shen's tail feathers, Po was struck with a memory of his past, and realized that Shen was there the night he lost his biological parents. Shen only confirmed this with satisfaction, and then used this distraction to escape to the Fireworks Factory, where he had several more cannons waiting. He ordered his warriors to open fire and bring the tower down with Po and the Five inside. Despite this, they managed to escape as the building fell.

Frustrated, Shen ordered his troops to start loading his ships to begin his conquest of China, declaring, "The Year of the Peacock begins now!" Shen brandished a blade that quieted Boss Wolf's reply that it was already half way into the year, before ordering him to call in all the wolves. Some time later, the Soothsayer was brought before Shen, who gloated that the panda she had believed to be a powerful warrior was a fool. Ignoring the peacock's threats, Soothsayer told Shen that the path he had chosen would never bring satisfaction, and urged him to stop his plans. When she brought up his parents, Shen angrily stated that they had hated and wronged him. He was then momentarily struck speechless when Soothsayer revealed that his parents had in fact loved him so much, that they had died of grief after banishing him. Despite this revelation, Shen chose to continue with his plans, and had the Soothsayer released. Soothsayer sadly bade Shen farewell and left.

Soon after this, Po infiltrated the factory to confront Shen, unknowingly ruining the Five's plan to destroy the building by doing so. However, Shen had anticipated his arrival, and took the panda by surprise in the upper levels of the building. When Po demanded answers, Shen claimed that his parents had abandoned him before attacking. As the two fought, Shen easily outmaneuvered Po until cornered at the highest level of the factory.

Unperturbed, Shen teased Po again, telling him that his parents had never loved him. This emotional attack again distracted Po, enough for Shen to reach his most powerful cannon, which he used to blast Po out of the factory and into the river.

Confident that Po was dead, Shen had the recaptured Furious Five chained up and suspended above his ships as they sailed out of the city, planning on executing them once his ships reached the harbor. He even callously blasted a bridge out of the way when Gongmen citizens came to watch. Much to his shock, Po returned to rescue his friends and to defeat Shen once and for all. Shen ordered his gunners to blast him, but Po nimbly moved along the rooftops, preventing them from getting a clear shot, and then jumped onto the ships to engage Shen's army, now that they couldn't fire without hitting their own men. Shen could do nothing but watch as Po freed the Furious Five and joined forces with Masters Storming Ox, Croc, and Shifu. Finally losing his patience, Shen ordered Boss Wolf to fire the main cannon, but the wolf refused to kill his own, and in response, Shen struck him down with one of his throwing knives, instantly killing the wolf. He fired the cannon himself, knocking all of the Kung Fu warriors away and blasting through the boats they had set up to block his fleet.

As his ships entered the city harbor, Shen watched as Po swam out to one of the destroyed boats, and then stood to face Shen's forces alone. Unphased, Shen ordered his gunners to open fire and finish the panda, to which Po began making tai chi motions. The first cannon was fired, and amazingly, Po used a technique Shifu had shown him to catch and deflect the cannonball. Though shocked at this, Shen would not relent, and ordered his men to continue firing.

However, Po continued to deflect the cannonfire, and soon began sending the cannonballs back towards the boats and destroying them. Shen became increasingly enraged and ordered his men to fire from his own cannon. Po caught this larger cannonball, and as he began spinning on the spot with this ball, he briefly transformed into the Yin Yang symbol from the Soothsayer's vision, a sight which struck Shen speechless. Po redirected this last ball into Shen's own ship, destroying what remained of Shen's armada, though Shen survived the impact.

When Po confronted him on his main ship, Shen viewed the destruction around him, and asked Po how he did it, how he could find peace after he "scarred him for life". Po told Shen that it was time to let go of his past, stating that what mattered was who he chose to be in the present. Shen agreed, and declared his choice: by attacking Po with his lance and knives in one last vengeful attempt to kill the panda. Though Shen's swordplay overwhelmed Po, as they fought, Shen accidentally cut through the ropes holding the remains of his cannon. Shen realized this too late, and as the heavy weapon fell on him, he closed his eyes and accepted his fate, resulting in a great explosion that sunk the main ship to the waters, which Po barely managed to evade. Soon afterwards, fireworks were set off over Gongmen City, with the image of a peacock appearing in the morning sky.


eventally, a few days after, something happened. the Shoothsayer suddenly retained her memory and the Kairi/Shen propitcy, with that, she was able to recover Boss Wolf and used medicines to save him from death. with that, the Wolf Gorrilla army was re-grouped. Boss Wolf and Shoothsayer then left China to live in the Disney ice age world, where they would remain dorment.... untill, the evental arriveful of Lord Shen, where he at first was resserected by Cobra, who sold him to Deathwing to send a goodwill from the villain leage, but that's another story. The Shoothsayer restored Shen's memories and the Peacock fell into regret of something he never realised was even true. this lead a new sense of deterimination for the ex-warlord, to wait for Kairi's eventful arriveful, while Shoothsayer and Boss Wolf practice redemption with the local inidian tribes. Shen, with the newly formed army, created another factery to bring back the cannons, believeing that they could be used for good. ok, that, and he couldn't resist the un-touched by modern civilisation minerials of the disney ice age world. and when Kairi and the Shell Louge Squad did came around, well, the rest, is history.

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