This duel was major in the battle of Camelot. First between, Shifu and Lord Cobra, but Shenzi arrives after Shifu is injured and unable to fight.

Background and Plan

While discussing what to do next, after the Villains resurrecting Cobra, the Shell Louge Squad believed that he'll destroy everything and everyone in Camelot. Shifu however tells the squad to get reinforcements. Tigress asked about him. Shifu declares he will fight him, stating that even though his medallion is powerless, he'll be too strong for Shenzi. The hyenas gasped, Shenzi even said that he can't do this for her. Shifu simply responds that he'll finally pay for not curing him when he had the chance. He tells them to continue the journey without him and that it was a honor to fight beside all of them, before bowing down with respect. The Lougers then fight at Camelot, while Shifu waits at Camelot tower for Lord Cobra.

Shifu vs Lord Cobra

"We meet again old friend...I see you found my, new home".

"This is not your home and I am longer your friend"

"So where is this Shenzi? (laughs) Did I scare her off?"

"This battle is between you and me".

"So that is how it's going to be?"

"That's how it must be."

-Lord Cobra and Shifu before their duel

Shifu calmly waits and then Lord Cobra appears in front of him. Cobra greets his old friend, stating he's found his new home. Shifu replies that Camelot was not his home and no longer Shifu is his ally. Cobra taunts about Shenzi not appearing, but Shifu declares the fight was between Lord Cobra and him. After a final exchange, the two fight. Cobra charges and throws rocks at him, but Shifu deflects them and punches Shifu into the tower. During the fight, cobra tells Shifu about what happened in the past. He only tried to make Oogway proud, but when Oogway sensed danger after the cartoonian war and Shifu walked away, it tore him apart. Shifu tells Cobra he was responsible for not obeying Oogway and caused the universes to seperate. Cobra enraged tossed swords at Shifu and the red panda is able to block them and insited it wasn't his decision to make. The two continued to exchange blows and even took the fight to the sky. Cobra said whatever he did, it was to make Oogway proud and demanded Shifu to tell him how proud Oogway is now, before plowing him with a powerful fist punch and the sword of Camelot.

Shenzi's Intervention

As Shifu laid injured, he stated that he regretted not helping cure Cobra. Shifu says that it was his pride that blinded him and that whatever Malefor was turning him into, he is sorry. Lord Cobra dismisses this, declaring he doesn't want his apology, but instead King Arthur. Shifu then claims that King Arthur was led out of the castle by Merlin and the knights and defiantly says that he'll never restor his powers. Cobra then declares himself the new king of Camelot, until Shenzi comes in and shouts insults to him. Shenzi was able to make it with the help of Kayley, Garrett and Banzai. Shenzi then pounces on Cobra sending him out the window and to the courtyard. Cynder tries to help her father, but is stopped by Spyro and Sparyx and they fight in a duel. Lord Cobra tries to swipe Shenzi with the sword of Camelot, but Shenzi backflips over it and the sword then hits the rock of . Cobra is then vaporized, and with that all of Ruber's men were transformed back to their normal selfs and the Snake Demon Army survivors were sent back to the banished realms.


"Wow! It's as Ooogway fortold. The Shell Louge Squad is victorious. We have brought peace to this world and beyond."- Shifu

Po then arrives at the courtyard and finds Shifu. Po confirms that Spyro cured Cynder and Shenzi defeated Lord Cobra.

Shell Louge Squad Villain League







Lord Cobra

Shifu is severely injured Lord Cobra

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