Sid Phillips

Sid Phillips, toy destroyer

Sid was the main villain from spyro and friends in toy story, and was unassociated with neither the villain league or team nefarious. He is just a violent kid that likes to destroy or maim toys for his own personal entertainment and is shown to be a bully towards his younger sister as well, he enjoys taking toys apart and creating new twisted Frankenstein-like creations, even having his own tool-box. much like Amos Slade, the villain leage does not consider him truely evil, just nothing more of a jerk.

He also enjoys strapping toys to fireworks and other assorted tortures, suggesting he has a troubled mind - however Sid was eventually scared away when Woody and the other toys finally rebelled against his tyranny and revealed themselves as alive: this caused Sid to run away and become frightened of toys.

He was mentioned by Buzz in Toy Story 2, and made a cameo in Toy Story 3. In Toy Story 3, it is revealed that as he grew into an adult, he became a garbageman. He still wears his black crossbones shirt and has a joyful mood still retaining his habit of beating with sticks.

Sid Phillips is a kid who wears a black t-shirt which shows a skull on it. Sid Phillips lives with his neighbor Andy who is not like Sid. Andy plays nicely with his toys and never bullies them nor takes them apart or use them for scary experiments. Sid is a kid who likes to scare his younger sister and likes to bully and violently break and destroy toys that he finds and uses them for experiments.

In Spyro and Friends in Toy Story, Sid is normally a giant to the Shell Lodgers, much like the other people who play with the toys. When Sid wins Woody and Buzz in the claw machine, the Lodge follows him to his house, where they appear in front of him in their toy postures. Sid takes them as well, and keeps them for some crazy fun. Sid does torturous things to the Lodgers as listed:

  • Makes Mr. Dodo look like he's killing himself since Dodos are considered extinct.
  • Make Spyro and Cynder look like they're biting each other and severely injures them.
  • Makes Icky look like he's a suckish joker, and makes the other Lodgers look like they're throwing stuff at him like they don't like his performance.
  • Busts Tweedle Dee-Dum's air-filled bottoms like they were bouncy balls.
  • Make the penguins look like they're in World War II, and smack them around in the imaginary battlefield.
  • The Hyenas are treated the same way as Spyro and Cynder
  • Replaces Miguel and Tulio's heads with the heads of The March Hare and Mad Hatter, and the same thing with them as well. In the Toy Story Universe, that doesn't really kill them. In the Toy Story Universe, the Lodgers have toy characteristics.
  • Ties B.O.B up in knots around supports.
  • Uses Dr. Cockroach to scare off the spiders in his room, which really terrifies him.
  • Dresses Lord Shen up in embarassing Barbie Doll clothes from his young sister's room.
  • Ties Kaa, Viper, Hiss, Savio, and Lola in tight knots.
  • Makes the Furious Five and Shifu look like they beat each other up, and literally beats them up.
  • Makes Iago say that he loves crackers since he saw him on the Aladdin movie, which of course, Iago is horrified by.
  • Makes Alex, Marty, Melman, and Gloria look like they're performing in a circus like they did in the upcoming movie, Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted.
  • Makes Mushu look like he's beating up Spyro and Cynder in an imaginary Dragon fight, and keeps whipping the dragon duo with Mushu's long, string-like body.
  • Boss Wolf is made into wearing an eyepatch, which Boss Wolf hates because of his unexplain fear of eyepatches that even he didn't realised he had.
  • Pain and Panic are painted red like amaican devils and are used to torment Creeper and Djon.
  • Bill is stuffed into a toy chimny.
  • Thundra has her giant feathers plucked.
  • the Digidesten's digimon is made into mauling their masters, to there horror and torment.
  • Makes Po and Sid's toy Peter Griffin doll compete in a hot dog eating contest. Po likes the idea of this, but the torturous things are that the hot dogs are stuffed in his mouth, and the Peter toy always wins.
  • Has Dodger and the dogs look like they're hunting down The White Rabbit, and beats them.
  • Makes Brandy and Mr. Whiskers look like they're getting married, which Brandy finds repulsive.
  • Has Sam and Max go through his toy Funnel of Love, causing them both to get very nauseous.
  • Makes Batty and Fidget look like they're flying, and smacks them into walls, ceilings, and even theirselves like they are blind.
  • Makes Spyro and Cynder go through the same torture as Brandy and Mr. Whiskers. They do like each-other, mind you, but they are shy about their relationship because of their past.
  • Makes Kowalski watch the 1982 sci-fi horror film, The Thing, which is one of Sid's favorite movies. (Kowalski had seen The Thing before and he likes it a bit, but it's the violent blood and gore that he has nightmares about. Whenever Kowalski sees the violent parts, he faints. To Sid's perspective, it's cool.)
  • Makes Lord Shen kiss a My Little Pony toy from Sid's sister's room. Since Lord Shen is into Princess Celestria, this totally humiliates him.
  • Makes Insectasaurus (Which, in the Toy Story Universe, is about the size of a large sized teddy bear) sit on the Lodgers.
  • Makes Ginormica (The size of a medium-sized teddy bear) perform in a Kill-Bill reference where the Lodgers are the minions, and the main villain is Sid's toy Stewie Griffin doll.
  • Stuffs Rico's body with Blocks, Lego Bricks, Tinker Toys, Lincoln Logs, and even Skipper.
  • Skipper is forced to watch his most hated movie ever: World War III. Skipper has always hated the possibility of a third World War uprising, and that movie gave him the feeling.

Thankfully, after their rough playtime from Sid, all the Shell Lodgers are healed with a combined Curaga spell from Spyro and Cynder. The Lodgers soon help Woody and Buzz escape by using Sid's mutant toys, and their crazy antics to scare Sid senseless. And Sid had become a crazed maniac who is ridiculed for saying that toys are alive, and he actually faints in the process (Not seen), causing him to think it was a scary dream. This experience now prompts him to always treat toys right.

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