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Simone and Lena.

Simone Lenoir
was a powerful and deadly werecat allied to Doctor Facilier and the Villain League in Scooby Doo on Zombie Island.

Physical Appearance[1]Edit

Simone is a middle-aged woman with short blond hair. She is rarely seen without her blue cat necklace. Her favourite colour is blue, as most of the clothes she wears is blue. She is a fan of very red lipstick too.


Scooby-Doo On Zombie Island[3]Edit

For most of the time Lenoir appeared as a normal human being, but changed into a werecat under certain conditions and had the ability to absorb the souls of dead people that she and her conspirators, Jacques and Lena Dupree killed during the 1700s in order to maintain their youth and power. All three were destroyed when they failed to kill Mystery Inc. and Beau Neville before midnight.

Role in the series

The Werecats were recruited by Mirage to serve in the Villain League in exchange for the demise of Spongebob and his friends. after being enraged, their souls somehow merged together to become a giant Werecat Heartless. Once the Heartless was destroyed, the three reverted back to normal, and were arrested.. Scroopfan has formerly wanted to not include Simone or the other were-cats due to anti-catisum, as in, depicing cats as evil, but Chernibogfan talked him to grant another chance for them, but under the condition to simply edit out anti-catisum and the were-cats and instand either do werewolfs or just let them stay in their human forms and use soccery.