98's imp

Simp Imp.

Simp Imp, real name, Salo-Knal, is the main side-kick to Master 98, and considered a parody of Iago cause of his line in the Ballad of Master 98 video. he seems to be more defferent the other imps, being only with wings. he is 100% and a haif loyal to Master 98's ideals against Scroopfan, but, may be quick to desert him should things fall apart, in fact, there's currently unclear rumors that Simp Imp made a special deal with 98, and should 98 somehow fail, the imps will horrendthisly kill him and take away 98's soul, which is yet another usage of Scroopfan's liking to the horrible demise of Scar and Dr. Facilier. we'll see if that's true in the sedudaled Season 1 finale special, Wrath of Master 98. But then again, maybe we won't because the film has been canceled due to Scroopfan getting over the whole thing.

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