Sir Raleigh

Sir Raleigh

Sir Raleigh is an anthropomorphic frog character from the video game Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus. He is a stereotypical "rich guy gone bad" villain.

Sir Raleigh was born into a life of nobility and privilege, but grew bored with it. On a whim, he tried his hand at piracy, and discovered that he enjoyed it. Becoming addicted to crime, his tinkering genius earned him a seat in the Fiendish Five as Chief Machinist. After the attack on the Cooper home was completed, Raleigh took off with the notes of Rioichi Cooper.

Years later, Raleigh had established himself near the Isle O'Wrath, situated in the center of his artificially created Welsh Triangle. Using his Storm Machine he caused ships to crash. He then looted them for treasure. Boarding the Machine, Sly confronted the frog. Despite swallowing special bees and bloating to massive size to crush Sly, Raleigh was beaten. Right on cue, Carmelita Fox arrived to arrest him and his crew, ending the legend of the Welsh Triangle.

He did not appear in Band of Thieves (except in a picture at a museum) or Honor Among Thieves, but made a cameo in the second issue of the Sly Cooper comics, in which he was depicted as an inmate at Heathrow Prison.


Raleigh is incredible cruel and sadistic, taking delight in sinking ships and watching them sink. He is also greedy relishing in creating storms so he could loot the sunken ships for treasure.


Raleigh has bees that when swallowed, bloat to a much greater size allowing him to squash and crush his foes. He is also capable spinning his tongue to hit his enemies with.

Role in the series

Sir Raleigh appears in the Dave Felis series as a servant to Clockwerk and Kin Einmortal. Scroop is currently working for the frog pirate. Sir Raleigh will reprise his role for the Spongebob expy of the film, where he and his fellow members of the Fiendish Five will team up with the Villain League to destroy Spongebob, the Shell Louge Squad, Spyro, Pooh and his Friends.

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