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are dangerous, carnivorous and devious creatures that lure nearby sailors to their doom by shipwreck on the rocky coast of their islands. In the Seas of Captain Legend Part 2, While Spyro and his friends head for the island where Captain Taiklar Blackheart hid his famous teasure, The Loot of 100000 Realms, they encounter Sirens who are like the flesh eating ones from Ice Age 4: Continental Drift (but instead of ugly fish monsters, how's about ravinness bird-like she-beasts with razor sharp teeth and talons) that would try to lure in any victim that got close by taking the form of whatever they found most attractive, loved ones, an attractive potential mate or even (in Tavin Tanner's case) a person the victim has a crush on. During the climax some of Blot's crew members who didnt get captured by Alex and the Madagascar Gang (Who they and the louge came to rescue Spyro and his group), meet their doom when some sirens (In the form of some potential mates) lure them over, and the sirens presumably devoured the unfortunate members.

Sirens forms to trick Spyro and his Friends

  • Riku- Vanessa
  • Sparx- A female Dragonfly
  • Rarity- A muscular handsome version of Spike
  • Spike- A mermaid version of Rarity
  • Applejack- Caramel
  • Trixie- A male Unicorn Pony
  • Gilda- Icky
  • Appleboom- Kevin (Qu Dan) Long Bill
  • Sweetiebelle and Scootaloo- handsome young foals
  • Rainbow Dash- The Wonderbolts
  • Fluttershy- A Dolphin asking her to come and explore the seas
  • Pinkie Pie- Stefano the Sea Lion (Wants Pinkie to become a part of Circus Zaragoza)
  • Cynder- Lord Cobra
  • Twilight Sparkle- Shining Armor and Princess Candence
  • Kairi- Sora and Spongebob
  • Tavin- Sandy Cheeks

Spyro is the only one who is not fooled and steers a new ship he and his friends stole from Blot and his Crew on the same disereted island where they rested. (but due to changes, they have been offitcally removed.)

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