The skirmish was a small battle between Yzma and her allies against the Louge with Kuzco an Pacha.


See runnin from Yzma for more info.(when it's done).


"I'm going to drink it and once I turn back into my beautiful self I'm going to kill you! (laughs)"-Yzma fighting for the antidote

The Louge and their friends are able to make it to the lab of the palace. But when they check a closet for the potion for Kuzco to be a human, Yzma steps out holding the potion. The Louge was shocked and Yzma alloweed Kronk to explain how they got there, but to no matter. Yzma orders for Kronk to kill them, but Kronk after being talked with his spirits, changes sides but Yzma then lays him a trapdoor, causing him to fall. Pacha took the time of distraction to get the vial, but it rolls on the ground prompting Yzma to knock down the vial case. As the Louge searches for it, Yzma summons a platoon of guards and Villains and orders them to kill them. Pacha and Kuzco flee with the potions while the Louge holds off the Villains. After several tries, the Kuzco, Pacha, and Icky comes down to 2 vials. Yzma steps on one of the vials and turns into a clone of Cynder's terror bird. She fights ferociously for the antidote but is defeated by Icky, who jabs her eye and causes her to fall off the palace to her death. Icky then obtains the vial and gives it to Kuzco, much to Kronk's surprise, who survived the fall of the trapdoor. The penguins defeat the Frog Hunters and the doctors retreat, thus liberating Kuzco's Palace of the villains. Kuzco drinks the potion and becomes human again.


Kuzco back as emperor sees the error of his ways and decides to call off his vacation home. Pacha then offers Kuzco a place in the village, to which he agrees.

The Louge gets a message to head for the Rescue Aid Society and Icky decides to join them on their adventure. Icky joins the louge as a reward for saving Kuzco's castle.

Skirmish at Kuzco's Palace


Shell Louge Victory

  • Kuzco turns back to a human, calls off the demolition of Pacha's village, and lives with Pacha and the villagers
  • Icky joins the Shell Louge Squad

Shell Louge Squad Villain League





Kronk(late battle)


Kronk(betrays Yzma early)




Shell louge Squad

1 villager and emperor


Villain leage

Palace Guards



The Frog hunters retreated

several defeated lobsters, plus crome claw.

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