"I came for the hyena female."

"What do you want with Shenzi?"

- Tai Lung and Tigress as they fought

This skirmish was an attempt to get Kuzco back to the palace. It results sadly in failure.


Kuzco was taken out of palace being turned into a llama by Faciler. Pacha and the Louge finds him and Icky who turn to leave. all actions lead to an agreement to take Kuzco back, if he got rid of the summer home.


As the Louge crosses the bridge, Tai Lung appears and confronts the Louge. They prepare to cut the bridge as Tai Lung lunges. Tigress confronts Tai Lung, who replies he's come for Shenzi and to claim her for Cynder. The battle gets Pacha under the bridge. Kuzco refuses to help him, but the continuing battle gets Kuzco trapped too. As the duo fought each other, the furious five duel Tai Lung and beat him. Spongebob then cuts the ropes, sending Tai Lung to his presumed death, but not before Kuzco and Pacha fall and barely stop by the cliff tips, much to Icky's dismay. As crocodiles prepare to eat them, Kuzco and Pacha work to make it up the ridge. After astonishing stuff, the duo make it to the cliff safety, but it collapses. Pacha was to die, had it not been for Kuzco who got him to safety.

"Oh I'm the big bad Tai Lung and I'm taking Shenzi. We'll not today pal!"



"Well better get going. With that bridge out cause of that battle with Tai Lung. It's a four-day walk to the palace."

-Pacha after the battle

As Kuzco celebrates, Pacha claims the llama saved him. But Kuzco tries to deny it. Pacha knows there is good in him. Afterward the group leaves knowing they can't cross the bridge.

Skirmish near Kuzco's Palace

Moisodel Spongebob and Friends and the emperor's new groove


Tai Lung defeated

Shell Louge Squad. Villain leage/ Tai lung

Tigress Tai Lung



a guy.

a llama

Tai Lung

forced to consider an alternate route. defeated (only played a camio role)

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