The Sorceror Dragon

The Sorcerer is the main antagonist of Spyro: Shadow Legacy. He was identified as the name 'Stranger', until his true identity was revealed. The Sorcerer is the one who caused the Calamity that drained most of the magic from the world.



The transformed Sorceror

The Sorcerer appears to be an anthropomorphic purple dragon. He is always wearing a black robe and a hood shaped like a knight's helmet that conceals most of his appearance. While transformed into a large dragon, he has four wings, red spikes and horns, and a design on his tail-spike resembling his scepter.


The Sorcerer frequently says <keff> whenever he talks. He claims that Spyro and the other dragons of the Dragon Realms are not true dragons, and that only he is a real dragon.


Most of the Sorcerer's backstory is unknown, but what is known is that he built three Shadow Amplifier machines. These machines pulled magic and people into the Shadow Realm and imprisoned them. While Spyro freed the people from the Shadow Realm, the Sorcerer randomly appeared during Spyro's travels and teleported away when he draws near. After Spyro saved everyone in the Realms, he confronted the Sorcerer, who offers Spyro to join him. Spyro refuses, and the Sorcerer retreats into his castle to engage him in battle. At the start of the battle, the Sorcerer transformed into an enormous dragon but was ultimately defeated. The Sorcerer escaped and was said to be building up power for his next attack...

Role in the series

Although it is never stated, in reality the Sorceror is actually Malefor crossing into the more cartoony Spyro universe. He will soon appear as a member of the Spyro Rogues Gallery in The Time Master.

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