Space Squid

The Space Squid

The Space Squid is a minor enemy from the Penguins of Madagascar, created from Alien DNA by Dr. Sevarius to serve as a Villain League soldier. It's first appearance was in the episode where Kowalski goes insane for not having to go to a science fair.

The Space Squid has been referenced a few times in the past.

  • Jungle Law -- where Skipper believed that the blackout in the zoo was phase one in the Space Squid invasion while Kowalski pulled out a comic book showing the Space Squid to Private who was disturbed by it.
  • The Hidden -- Kowalski explained what could have attacked Mort as an unknown hostile with tentacles as feet. Skipper then became mad as as if he had dealt with a similar hostile in the past.
  • Lemur See, Lemur Do -- The Space Squid's tentacles were shown at the end.
  • I Know Why the Caged Bird Goes Insane -- The first full appearance of The Space Squid.

Role in the series

The Space Squid is a Villain League mutant who will soon appear in the series if Scroopfan can only find the clips for it. (he does, but, there are current problems on the computer.)

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