Space Squid

The Space Squid

The Space Squid is a minor enemy from the Penguins of Madagascar series. Many have been apparent in the series, whether the same individual unless more than one is seen, but one was cloned from stolen DNA by Dr. Anton Sevarius and sold to the Villain League to serve as a good foot soldier, and be cloned by Gallaxhar if necessary.


The Space Squid has been referenced a few times in the past in the POM series:

  • Jungle Law -- where Skipper believed that the blackout in the zoo was phase one in the Space Squid invasion while Kowalski pulled out a comic book showing the Space Squid to Private who was disturbed by it.
  • The Hidden -- Kowalski explained what could have attacked Mort as an unknown hostile with tentacles as feet. Skipper then became mad as as if he had dealt with a similar hostile in the past.
  • Lemur See, Lemur Do -- The Space Squid's tentacles were shown at the end.
  • I Know Why the Caged Bird Goes Insane -- The first full appearance of The Space Squid.

Role in the series

A Space Squid clone is a Villain League member provided by Dr. Anton Sevarius to serve as a foot soldier of clone donor for Gallaxhar's cloning devices. Dubbed Areopods by the Galactic Federation, these creatures are among the unfortunate alien races bent on the 'pointless pursuit' of world domination, and is especially pestered by one of the Feds' Terran bureaus like the Men In Black or Area 51. These beings have been around the stars many times, mainly for ranged reasons, the main one being when Kowalski sent his Jiggli clones to their world so they could have a home, unaware that they enslaved it's original inhabitants until later, having to clean this mess up. Yet some are bitter for reasons like being angered by the fact that everyone, including arguably Kowalski, view aliens as evil because of science fiction movies, viewing it as racist and being utterly offended to where they attack them. Though it does not mean they are all evil, as they are merely ranged in their endeavors, whether for stealing technology from science conventions for scientific advancement, or just to be jerks. They are among the many races that cannot speak English despite it's reputation as the 'universal language', or the language spoken the most often by travelers, only speaking their normal language of gurgles, blargs and blabbers, as they likely prefer it that way because they can use it to their advantage, yet at the same time, can only use universal translators when they need to communicate, always keeping them at all times. They are specified to have evolved because their version of Mars used to be an ocean world until it dried out in time due to planetary change, and they are known to have parasitic embryos and a short growth span, possibly bred that way because of a warlike period, which is what resulted in Lemmy the Lemur Robot getting one on his way back to the Central Park Zoo. Though the Space Squids are not portrayed good in the series, they are in truth a very misunderstood race, as the ones who appeared are merely ranged in motivation or are just jerks.

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